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Transdermal Patch Development & Manufacturing

Transdermal patch development and manufacturing from 3M

A Single, Simple Solution

You want cost-effective solutions that help you meet your product manufacturing and launch needs. 3M is committed to helping you successfully bring cost effective, high quality, patient friendly transdermal drug delivery (TDD) products to market. Partner with 3M, and position your company at the forefront of this innovative solution.
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Better for Your Product

3M has pioneered several advancements in transdermal drug delivery systems, including our single- and multi-layer drug-in-adhesive (DIA) technologies that have become industry standards. We offer you a versatile platform that is compatible with a wide variety of drugs. Continued advancements allow our TDD systems to optimize delivery and increase patient comfort, resulting in increased potential for product differentiation.

Better for Patients & Caregivers

Transdermal patches give patients the medications they need in precise and steady doses. Patches can easily be applied by patients or caregivers at home. There's no pain or invasive measures, which can help patients comply with doctor-recommended treatments. Plus, the sustained release of the drug—up to 7 days—means that patients only need to medicate once a week, versus daily.

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Transdermal patches are a safe, effective option.Safe, Effective Treatment
The transdermal drug delivery system avoids first-pass metabolism, which can break down a dose and make it less effective. The avoidance of first-pass metabolism can result in greater bioavailability of the drug. Patients receiving medication through a patch experience fewer side-effects, such as GI upset. And if they need to stop treatment at any time, the patch is easily removed.

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Partner with a Transdermal Pioneer

With more than 30 years of transdermal development, regulatory and manufacturing experience, our commitment to innovation and quality make us a complete and reliable transdermal manufacturing partner—one with the expertise necessary to make your product's development pathway as smooth as possible. We'll create an innovative, start-to-finish solution that serves your patients and providers, while helping you meet your strategic goals.

  • Expertise in customizing solutions to fit drug formulation needs using a variety of transdermal components
  • Excel at integrating adhesive, drug & components into a single, simple system
  • Experts who clearly understand what it means to meet critical process parameters of your formulation
  • Experience & capability to support fast delivery and scale-up or commercialization
  • Trusted, large-scale manufacturing with global compliance & distribution

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Get Started

3M Drug Delivery Systems has the experience, services and capacity to meet your development and manufacturing needs. With our proven experience and commitment to quality and innovation, we stand ready to partner with you to develop your next successful commercial product.

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3M offers a full range of contract manufacturing capabilities combined with regulatory guidance to help bring your products to market.
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