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Solid Microneedle Technology

Solid microneedles may revolutionize drug delivery.

Revolutionizing Drug Delivery

Solid microneedle technology is poised to revolutionize the way highly potent proteins and vaccines are delivered—and received. 3M Solid Microstructured Transdermal Systems (sMTS) may help needle-phobic patients feel more comfortable about receiving injections. Microneedle technology also may help improve delivery of vaccines. Partner with 3M, and join us on the leading edge of this innovative vaccine delivery system.
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Reduce – or Eliminate – Needle Phobia

Studies reveal that roughly 10% of the population avoids injectable drugs due to a fear of needles. Solid microneedle technology relies on tiny, short needles mounted on a wearable patch to deliver highly potent proteins vaccines or other treatments (up to 0.5 mg).

Patients may find this delivery system less intimidating than conventional needles. By reducing anxiety, solid microneedle technology may help improve patient compliance. With better compliance, more people will receive the vaccines required to keep them well and prevent the spread of disease.

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Reduce or eliminate cold storageCut Down on Cold Storage
When vaccines are administered with microneedle technology, a stronger immune response may be generated more rapidly. With enhanced drug stability, microneedle drug delivery systems also have the potential to eliminate cold chain storage, saving manufacturers and suppliers money.

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Differentiate Your Product

Partner with 3M to create a microneedle solution that helps you stand out in today's competitive market. sMTS technology is supported by 3M formulation, development and manufacturing expertise. We put our experience to work for you, to meet your needs from clinical trials to commercial production.

  • Pain-free technology transfer to experts you can trust
  • Expertise in customizing solutions to fit drug formulation needs, to help extent a patent currently at risk of expiring
  • Secure supply chain with regulatory, global compliance & toxicology support from world class laboratories
  • Flexibility to scale up from pre-clinical concepts to clinical trials to full-scale commercialization and distribution
  • Start-to-finish services to develop & commercialize your innovation
  • Dedicated experts to optimize the supply chain for increased quality & speed to market

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Get Started

Clinical data reveals the exciting potential for solid microneedle technology. Contact us to discuss these findings and begin customizing your sMTS solution.

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