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3M Drug Delivery Systems will be a key participant in the upcoming Respiratory Drug Delivery (RDD) 2010 conference, April 25-29 in Orlando, Fla.

3M Drug Delivery Systems Brings New Research to RDD
Innovations in MDI and DPI technologies

ST. PAUL, MNApril 26, 2010 – 3M Drug Delivery Systems will be a key participant in the upcoming Respiratory Drug Delivery (RDD) 2010 conference, April 25-29 in Orlando, Fla. In four poster sessions and two podium presentations, 3M experts will discuss the company’s latest innovations and research in dry powder inhalers and metered dose inhalers.

Poster sessions include the following:

  •  “The Role of Statistical Tolerance Analysis Tools in Dose Counter Optimization,” describing the toler­ance analysis used to assess and optimize the counter mechanism of the 3M™ Integrated Dose by Dose Counter, a displacement driven dose counter for pMDIs. 
  • “Investigating the Efficiency of Reverse Cyclone Technology for DPI Drug Delivery,” showcasing the 3M Conix™ dry powder inhaler, which prefer­entially releases respirable drug particles from the reverse cyclone vortex system, thus reducing deposition of drug and lactose in the throat when compared to a leading commercial DPI device.
  • “What is the Future of MDIs?,” examining improvements in valves, canister technologies, HFA propellants and dose counters, as well as market factors that will determine the future of MDIs and how these factors will shape the next half century of MDI use.
  • “The 3M Taper Dry Powder Inhaler Device,” reviewing the device design and performance capabilities of the 3M™ Taper DPI, which uses active aerosolization for high-efficiency delivery of up to 120 drug doses in a compact, patient-friendly device.

In addition to the poster sessions, 3M personnel will deliver two podium presentations, "Status, Challenges and Regulatory Strategies for Replacement of Chlorofluorocarbon Propellants in Meterd Does Inhalers in China," and "Modeling MDI Delivery: A Priori Predictions, Empirical Models and Experiments."  The first presentation will draw on 3M's expertise in the Asian market to discuss the status of MDI's in China.  The company recently opened a new Asian laboratory facility at the 3M Singapore site in Yishum, where is will serve as an important contract research and development facility for the Asia Pacific region.  

In the "Modeling MDI delivery" presentation, which will close the conference, 3M experts will describe an approach to predicting MDI performance based upon mathematical and statistical equations.  The method has been demonstrated to effectibely predict delivery from a wide variety of formulations including solutions, suspensions, combinations with one drug in solution and on in suspension, and novel solution formulations containing suspended excipient particles.

 “As a pioneer in inhalation drug delivery technology, 3M is proud to be bringing this amount of new research to RDD,” said Robert Odenthal, Inhalation Business Director, 3M Drug Delivery Systems. “Our inhalation systems and components continue to break ground, and we work continuously to bring new solutions to our customers.”  

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About 3M Drug Delivery Systems 

3M Drug Delivery Systems partners with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to develop pharmaceuticals using 3M’s inhalation or transdermal drug delivery technology. 3M offers a full range of feasibility, development and manufacturing capabilities combined with regulatory guidance to help bring products to market.  In-house resources, including toxicology, regulatory expertise, quality assurance, operations, and marketed product support, are available for each step of the development and commercialization process. This depth of resources is one reason why more than 50 percent of all metered-dose inhalers worldwide and 80 percent of all transdermal systems in the United States utilize 3M drug delivery technology.  For more information, please visit or call 1-800-643-8086. 

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