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3M™ Sterile U
Best Practices
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Best Practices

Click on any of the five sterilization process steps listed below for information on the best practices that have been established for performing that step.

Load Control

The process by which a load is monitored and released, based on the result of a biological indicator (BI) in a "Process Challenge Device," or test pack.

Pack Control

The use of chemical indicators for internal monitoring of packs, trays, containers and peel pouches.

Equipment Control

Testing to determine if the sterilizer is operating to set conditions of time, temperature, pressure, air removal, moisture conditioning and sterilant exposure.

Exposure Control

Methods for determining at a glance whether each pack or item has been exposed to the sterilization process, without the need to open the pack.

Record Keeping

Documenting the sterilization process, so the history of each pack can be traced in the event of a problem.

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