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PerioMed is an alcohol-free mouthwash that helps fight gum disease and tooth decay and protects against tooth sensitivity


PerioMed™ oral rinse helps control gum disease, tooth decay, tooth sensitivity and plaque bacteria for a healthier smile. This oral rinse is available in two flavors: Mint and Tropical Fruit. And it costs about the same as leading over the counter mouthwashes.


PerioMed costs about the same as leading mouthwashes

PerioMed oral rinse is easy to use. Once a day, simply mix with water and swish in the mouth to help:

  • Fight gum disease and tooth decay
  • Control plaque bacteria
  • Protect against painful tooth sensitivity
  • Get protection that lasts for up to 8 hours

Answers to Common Questions

How does PerioMed oral rinse compare to over-the-counter mouthwashes?

PerioMed oral rinse contains stannous fluoride, a well-known ingredient that reduces bacteria in the mouth for up to 8 hours. PerioMed oral rinse costs about the same as leading mouthwashes.

Why do I have to add water to PerioMed oral rinse? Can I dilute several days’ worth of PerioMed oral rinse at one time and use it later?

PerioMed oral rinse is a concentrated solution that is mixed with water immediately before using. By mixing it with water right before use, the product will have the correct amount of medication to protect your teeth and gums. We do not recommend mixing several days’ worth at one time and using it later; this could decrease the activity of the medicine.

Can I buy PerioMed oral rinse in my drugstore?

PerioMed oral rinse is only available from your dentist. It is not sold in drugstores.

Are there risks to using PeriMed oral rinse if I'm pregnant?

Please check with your dentist and doctor before using the product if you are pregnant.

Are there any side effects with this medication?

PerioMed oral rinse contains stannous fluoride. Stannous fluoride can temporarily stain plaque left on the teeth. To minimize staining, brush and floss daily, paying attention to areas where plaque can build up. In addition to daily brushing and flossing, you may want to use PerioMed oral rinse in the morning instead of at bedtime. PerioMed oral rinse will move with the saliva in your mouth as you go about your daily routine.