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Light Mixing Air Guide
Once again,
3M is LEDing
the way
3M™ Light Mixing Air Guide makes energy efficient lighting even more attractive

LED light that’s so uniform‚ bright and attractive‚ it might just send fluorescents down the tubes.

3M Light Mixing Air Guide is a hollow‚ edge-lit lighting fixture that uses air plus two different 3M proprietary technologies to convert a series of bright‚ pinpoint LEDs into a large‚ uniform lighting surface. Suddenly‚ LED light is more pleasing, more lightweight and more flexible than ever before!

What it does.

In a luminaire or light fixture‚ LED bulbs appear as bothersome‚ unattractive pinpoints of light. 3M Light Mixing Air Guide smoothes out the LED light‚ creating a uniform lighting surface.

The main attractions of LED – long life‚ energy efficiency – transformed into a thing of beauty.

3M Light Mixing Air Guides give you tremendous design flexibility by helping attain uniform light and offering the ability to create beautiful lines and shapes‚ from circles to triangles and beyond. All this in an incredibly lightweight package.

Perfect for planes‚ trains and ships.

While the beauty of 3M Light Mixing Air Guides work well for architectural applications‚ it’s particularly useful in transportation‚ where design and weight considerations can impact both feasibility and bottom line.
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Budget-friendly Economical 3M™ Light Mixing Air Guide

Get the advantages of LED such as energy efficiency‚ while achieving the aesthetic look you want‚ with 3M Light Mixing Air Guides.

Light weight Sustainable 3M™ Light Mixing Air Guide

3M Light Mixing Air Guide fixtures are extremely light‚ which can cut costs in transportation applications.

Flexible Flexible 3M™ Light Mixing Air Guide

With 3M Light Mixing Air Guides‚ you can specify the size‚ shape and color of light that’s perfect for your project.

Put light exactly where you want it.
Move more light farther with truer colors.