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Fasara films also block up to 99% of UV light to protect valuable interiors from fading.

Case Studies

The 3M Difference

There are thousands of window film dealers in the country, but only a select few have been chosen to be part of the 3M network. Our 3M Authorized Dealers are available to help solve problems such as energy savings, reducing fading and glare whether in your home, business or car. Improving comfort and protecting people and property is a hallmark of 3M Window films. 3M invented window films in 1966 and our innovative window film products have provided protection from the sun's harmful rays for more than 40 years. Put the innovation of 3M to work for you.


Cincinnati, OH - Jewish Federation of Cincinnati - Safety & Security (PDF, 397 Kb)

Cleveland, OH - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – Prestige Exterior (PDF, 713 Kb)

Delivering On Your Bottom Line (PDF, 1.98 Mb)

Los Angeles, CA - CBRE Global Headquarters – Night Vision (PDF, 480 Kb)

Phoenix, AZ – National Bank of Arizona – Prestige Exterior (PDF, 481 Kb)

Cincinnati, OH – The Fifth Third Center – Neutral (PDF, 155 Kb)

Minneapolis, MN, Bomb Blast Case Study, Armed Forces Service Center- Ultra Series (PDF, 183 Kb)

Orange, CA – St. Joseph Medical Tower – Night Vision (PDF, 211 Kb)

Evanston, IL – Walgreens – Daylight Redirecting Film (PDF, 211 Kb)

Honolulu, HI - United Way – Prestige (PDF, 271 Kb)

Los Angeles, CA - Century Plaza Towers - Neutral 35 (PDF, 3.2 Mb)

Stuart, FL - Retail Store - Smash-and-Grab - Safety & Security - Ultra Series (PDF, 39 Kb)

Switzerland - Société Générale - Prestige (PDF, 445 Kb)

Las Vegas , NV - Wayne Newton Museum (PDF, 2.99 Mb) (PDF, 1 Mb)

Chicago, IL - Spontaneous Glass Breakage Case Study – Ultra Series (PDF, 400 Kb)

Baltimore, MD – 1501 South Clinton Street – Ceramic (PDF, 1.6 Mb)

San Francisco, CA - Embarcadero Center - Night Vision (PDF, 360 Kb)

Detroit, MI - Ford Motor Company - P 18 (PDF, 970 Kb)

Ottawa, ON - National Gallery of Canada - Ultra Series (PDF, 1.3 Mb)

Vancouver, BC - Office - LE 35 (PDF, 1 Mb)


Sausalito, CA - Sausalito home - PR 70 (PDF, 184 Kb)

Hudson, WI - Historic Italianate Home (PDF, 341.17 Kb)

Minneapolis, MN – Lake Calhoun Condo – Prestige (PDF, 106 Kb)

Orange Beach, AL - Caribe Resort - Prestige (PDF, 106 Kb)

Sedona, AZ - Night Vision (PDF, 124 Kb)

Pittsburgh, PA - Clayton Mansion - RE 50 (PDF, 1.6 Mb)

Greenville, OH - Casa de Huevos - RE 50 (PDF, 1.4 Mb)

Richmond, VA - Governor's Mansion - Ultra Series (PDF, 1.4 Mb)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This product is not approved in the State of Florida for use as hurricane, windstorm, or impact protection from wind-borne debris from a hurricane or windstorm. In compliance with Florida Statute 553.842, this product may not be advertised, sold, offered, provided, distributed, or marketed in the State of Florida as hurricane, windstorm, or impact protection from wind-borne debris from a hurricane or windstorm.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Energy
3M Window Film in New York City
Actual Break-in Attempt