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Pipe Rehabilitation Case Studies

Pipe Rehabilitation Case Studies

3M™ Scotchkote™ trenchless pipe rehabilitation products help to extend potable water pipe service life by reducing brown and red water issues, leaks and internal pipe deterioration, but without the cost and community impacts of full pipe replacement and other methods.

Customers around the world have rehabilitated potable water pipes using Scotchkote products, including over 10,000 km in the United Kingdom alone. These products are certified for contact with drinking water in several countries in Europe, North America and Asia.

The case studies below highlight just a few of our municipal pipe rehabilitation projects.

Mexico City, Iztapalapa 2016

Mexico City had a mix of asbestos-cement and cast iron pipe over 40 years old and were losing almost 40% of their potable water through leaks. See how they used Scotchkote Liner 2400 to help address these issues.… see the video

Walbrzych Waterworks, Poland, 2015

Walbrzych Waterworks becomes the first water utility in Poland to apply Scotchkote Liner 2400. See how it worked.… see the video

Rosemerah Town Project, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Syarikat Air Johor, the first water authority in Malaysia to use 3M Scotchkote Liner 2400, renewed their water pipes without major traffic disruptions.… read more

New Jersey American Water, Maplewood and Millburn, New Jersey

In 2014, New Jersey American Water used acoustic-based assessment in two communities to determine which cast iron drinking water pipes needed to be replaced and which could be rehabilitated with Scotchkote Liner 2400 instead, extending asset life with less cost, time and disruptions.

Case Study_American Water 2014.pdf

Bangor Water District, Bangor, ME

In 2012, Bangor Water District used Scotchkote Liner 2400 to improve the C-Factor of cast iron pipe. The C-Factor went from the mid-50’s to over 130.… read more

City of Prague, Czech Republic

In July 2014, Veolia, Prague used 3M Scotchkote 2400 to solve water quality and corrosion issues on 40 year old cast iron pipe. This was their 3rd project with Scotchkote 2400.… read more

Town of Saint John, NB Canada

In September 2013, the Tomahawk™ pipe cleaning system by Envirologics Engineering Inc. played a key role in a successful, same day return to service, 6" cast iron water main rehabilitation project in Saint John, New Brunswick. The Tomahawk™ was required to remove the internal corrosion buildup… read more

City of Oswego, NY USA

To ensure continuous and reliable service during a water pipe rehabilitation project, temporary bypass piping is commonplace on drinking water rehabilitation projects in the United States. Technologies that eliminate the need for using temporary bypass piping are a big step in reducing costs and project time out of a pipe rehabilitation project… read more

Polymeric Linings Can Reduce Red And Brown Water Issues To Improve Water Quality And Provide Rapid Return To Service.

Of the nation's 880,000 miles of drinking water distribution piping, about 23 percent is unlined ductile iron, cast iron or steel. These pipes can be prone to internal corrosion and tuberculation build-up that results in water quality issues and eventual flow or capacity issues… read more

City of Oswego, NY USA

Oswego had a water main with a section where residents experienced severe water discoloration due to tuberculation and also an adjacent section with a history of excessive line breaks… read more

Town of Rothesay, NB Canada

Rothesay has experienced water quality and hydraulic issues with the buildup of scale in the lines. Flushing programs in the past have been implemented with little or no improvements… read more

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