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Global Regulatory Leadership

Global Regulatory Leadership

3M Water Infrastructure actively engages with potable water approval agencies to understand the requirements for products in contact with drinking water. These requirements differ by region and by country. 3M Water Infrastructure has developed internal testing capabilities to screen formulations against these global testing requirements and designs new products with the intent of being globally certifiable to the most stringest of global requirements.

We take our obligations to the communities we serve seriously and a significant amount of the research and development work carried out is based around the introduction of solvent free and 100% solids coating and lining technologies. These formulations help contribute to a healthier and safer environment by reducing the amount of volatile organic compounds emitted into the atmosphere.

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Product Development Capability

The following represents the basic regulatory strategy for development of products for use in contact with drinking water.

  1. 3M Company has corporate EHS staff that provide risk assessment information on raw materials that may be used in potable water applications.
  2. Following the initial screening, 3M Water Infrastructure has internal testing capabilities in place to complete most testing done by global approval agencies. These capabilities include, but are not limited to, full migration analysis, Total Organic Carbon (TOC) testing, taste and odor testing of contact water, Volatile Organic Content (VOC) testing.
  3. Internal testing is reviewed before going to the drinking water regulatory agencies for final testing and approval.

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Regulatory Engagement

3M Water Infrastructure strives to improve regulatory compliance in the markets and geographies in which we work. There are several examples of this:

With our global relationships, 3M was able to take the lead with partners in South Africa to get NSF/ANSI 61 adoption in the country. This was beneficial because a potable drinking water standard did not previously exist.

3M Water Infrastructure is actively engaged in developing code of practice standards that are even more relevant to spray liners than existing standards that exist today.

3M Water Infrastructure has tools available for cities to plan and implement Same Day Return to Service in situ rehabilitation projects that can eliminate the use of bypass piping. This offers a significant cost and timing advantage for cities trying to manage their existing budgets.

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