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Design Smarter.

You only have 3-5 tiny little seconds to get your viewers’ attention. Visual Attention Software (VAS) from 3M™ helps you understand if your message will get noticed. Hey, did your life just get a little easier? LEARN MORE
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Streamline Approvals.

You and your clients all want to get from concept to 'done' quicker. VAS helps you find the solution faster, and backs up your recommendations with analysis and data. What will you do with all that free time? LEARN MORE
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Gain Consensus.

Ever debated what will get noticed and in what order? VAS helps you give your visual priorities a boost, and helps key stakeholders agree on them. Well, there's still sports left to argue about. LEARN MORE

Design Confidently. Present with back-up.

As a designer, you want - and need - the key elements in your design to be noticed. So does your client. What if an easy-to-use web app could help you design with fewer revisions, and then back up your recommended design with concrete analysis?

3M™ Visual Attention Software (VAS) was developed by 3M scientists to predict what's likely to get noticed within an image, and helps you understand why. Design as you always do, just smarter and faster.
Get VAS Use the web application, mobile apps or Photoshop® plug-in. Upload your design, and mark up your areas of interest › Download Sample Report & Images VAS your design for easy-to understand reports that tell you if the key areas in your design are likely to be noticed, and why. Use VAS results to confirm that you're done, or revise and VAS-it until you're satisfied.

A quicker route from '1st draft' to 'approved'.

VAS can help you solve your design problems more quickly. Use VAS's predictions to confirm that you're ready to present, or to inform what to try next. You and your team determine the visual priorities. VAS tells you if you're reaching them. The goal for this van was for the website and logo to be noticed first. VAS' analysis showed that the design element at the bottom was completely overpowering it. A few tweaks and another run through VAS confirmed that the solution worked.
draft concept revised design

Creative friend, not foe.

VAS doesn't judge your work. It doesn't creative direct, and it's not a focus group. It's a science-based tool in your arsenal and a designer's best friend. LEARN MORE

Works in your workflow.

It's easy to use VAS. Whatever your unique creative process, results from VAS help get you to your solutions faster. Use it via web, mobile device or Photoshop. LEARN MORE
Many companies are already using VAS:
Ready to VAS? Buy VAS online for instant access. Choose from monthly or annual pricing options. Get VAS