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Accuracy Validated Against Eye Tracking

3M Has A History in Vision Science since the 1940s…

3M Has A History in Vision Science since the 1940s…

3M™ Visual Attention Service (VAS) is the culmination of decades of cognitive and vision-science research. The software reveals where the average eye would look in the first 3-5 seconds of viewing an image.

3M first began working in vision science to support improvements in reflective materials. Their goal was to improve safety though increased visibility. The team began building sophisticated models to predict what people would see in the few seconds when someone enters a work zone or any other new environment.

With a few innovations, the same principles can be applied to understanding what a consumer will notice when contemplating a store shelf, package design or advertising. VAS emerged to enable marketers to more effectively capture a consumer's attention in a variety of settings and applications.

VAS has been proven to consistently match eye tracking studies for the first 3-5 seconds of exposure to images at a rate of more than 90%. To learn more about our study and evaluation of the tool, see the "VAS Validation Study" (PDF).

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