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Advertising: 3M™ VAS is the Key to Visual Effectiveness

Help Ensure Your Content Gets Noticed!

Help Ensure Your Content Gets Noticed!

VAS can be used in a wide range of applications. The web-based scanning tool digitally evaluates the visual effectiveness of any type of advertising - including print ads, signage, outdoor billboards, and any other graphic design. VAS is an exceptional software technology, based on data from thousands of eye tracking studies, making it accurate and believable, without requiring live particpants or cameras like traditional eye tracking.

VAS indicates the probability that the eye will fixate on various design elements in the first 3 to 5 seconds - providing accurate, scientific feedback on how viewers will respond to your work. Results are ready in seconds and are inexpensive enough to use at any point in the creative process.

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Print Ads/Signage

Print Ads/Signage

How do you know if your ads are being seen when a reader is paging through a magazine? How do you know that your merchandise sign, amidst a clutter of others, is standing out in the crowd? Run VAS on any print ad or sign and gain multiple types of reliable data in seconds that will help improve the visual effectiveness of your design. As easy as uploading an image and clicking a button, use VAS whenever you want in the creative process. Add a piece of objective data into the decision-making process and ensure you are directing the Consumer's eye to the messages you want noticed.

VAS offers:

  • Input on whether your design is noticeable in a scene
  • Convenience of mobile for on-site analysis
  • Verification of visibility of key messaging
  • A fast, low cost alternative to eye tracking
  • Comparison of multiple design options rapidly
  • Near instant consumer insight at your fingertips


Effective outdoor billboard design is possible with VAS.

  • Assess what attracts the Consumer's eye in seconds
  • Ensure your images and messages are noticeable on a busy street front
  • Create effective billboard design by comparing multiple design options from different angles
  • Don't spend millions on signage in a popular location only to find out that you're not being noticed
Direct Mail/Email

Direct Mail/Email

Direct mail and email heat maps will enable you to zero in on an optimal layout, ensuring critical messages are seen in every moment of truth.

Ensure your efforts are even more effective with VAS:

  • Gain greater conversions
  • Ensure your mailings are being read once opened
  • Make sure key messages stand out
  • Verify visibility of critical call-to-actions
  • Compare multiple design options with ease
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