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3M™ Visual Attention Service: Eye Tracking Software at your Fingertips

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VAS uses proven scientific analysis to show you how small design changes can have a huge, attention-getting impact. And with multiple ways to access the tool, you can easily leverage VAS to help your designs stand out from the clutter.

  • Fast, convenient and cost effective
  • Accurately predicts & optimizes visual impact
  • Multiple access formats (web, mobile, plug-ins and more)
  • Pricing options to suit your needs
Who is using VAS?

VAS enables Global Brand Marketers, Retailers, and Designers to iterate designs faster, understand the path to purchase more clearly, and identify the content that will be noticed first. VAS is eye tracking software allowing you to zero in on what the consumer will notice in the first few seconds without the need for actual eye tracking study participants, cameras, or the amount of resources traditional eye or gaze tracking studies typically absorb.

Why use VAS?

Not only is VAS a cutting-edge scanning tool that lets you scientifically analyze design effectiveness, based on how the average human eye responds, but it's also simple to use and delivers the data necessary for optimizing virtually any visual design – packaging, print ads, signage, retail space, banner ads and more. VAS improves decision-making by adding a piece of objective data into the creative design process. Don't wait weeks or months for your results, gain the amazing benefits of eye tracking technology in seconds with VAS.

3M VAS Results

Fast Delivery in Formats You Can Easily Understand, Share and Act On

Scotch tape package heat map

Heat Map:
A color-coded look at areas that are drawing the most attention

Eye tracking ratings (or scores)

Areas Of Interest:
Scores for areas of the image you specifically choose to test

Heat map summary

Region Map:
High level summary of the heat map

Eye tracking path

Visual Sequence:
Shows most likely path the eye will follow when viewing the image

Heat map report

Summary Report:
PDF file summarizing VAS analysis results for each image

Optimize Design Recommendations

Visual Elements Section:
Detailed guidance to maximize visual impact based on the VAS analysis of key visual elements (intensity, color contrasts, edges and faces).

Ways to Use 3M VAS

The Science and the Proof Behind 3M VAS

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