Diagram: Projected Capacitive (Matrix)

Projected Capacitive (Matrix)

Sensor Materials

Glass, polyester sheet, conductive coating

Principle of Operation

  • Patterned sensor elements are attached to the backside of the touch surface substrate.
  • Signal levels on each pattern are measured.
  • Touch is detected by determining the relative levels of current between adjacent patterns.


  • All glass top surface solution
  • Can be laminated or chemically strengthened for additional protection against breakage of user safety
  • Constructions are generally laminated which provides shard containment if broken
  • Design can be used in bezel designs and flush surface designs (iPhone-like)
  • Durability is a function of the properties and construction of the cover material
  • Touch is activated by bare finger, thin gloved hand or conductive stylis
  • Transmission typically 85% to 90%
  • Capable of 3 or more resolvable points


  • More complex electronics and sensor construction when compared to other technologies
  • Does not have full stylus independence support