Pixel Sense

Sensor Materials

Protection Glass, LCD Glass Panel with Integrated Sensors, Optical Sheets, Backlight with visible and IR LEDs, Embedded PC/Housing

Principle of Operation

  • A contact (finger/blob/tag/object) is placed on the display
  • IR backlight unit provides light (through the optical sheets, LCD and protection glass) that hits the contact
  • Light Reflected back from the contact is seen by the integrated sensors
  • Sensors convert the light signal into electrical signal/value
  • Values reported from all of the sensors are used to create a picture of what is on the display
  • The picture is analyzed using image processing techniques
  • The output is sent to the PC. It includes the corrected sensor image and various contact types (fingers/blobs/tags)


  • Full Multi-touch capabilities including advanced gestures
  • Object Recognition
  • Multi-user collaboration potential


  • Highly susceptible to Ambient light
  • Requires venue readiness preparation prior to installation