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RTT leads in professional high-end 3D visualization in realtime. RTT's unique offering of software, solutions and CGI turns 3D visualization into a process-changing key technology. As a strategic partner, RTT enables companies to explore innovative ways for an emotive digital product experience across the entire product life cycle – from design and development to marketing and sales applications.

RTT's unique portfolio of high-end technology, creative turn-key solutions and CGI forms the basis for individual applications, as well as end-to-end process support. RTT's comprehensive approach combined with industry-specific expertise ensures sustainable processes that develop products to market faster, cost-effectively and in exciting new ways.

Product or Services offered:
RTT Software- High-end 3D visualization software & technology.
RTT Solutions- Creative turn-key solutions for design, development, marketing and sales.
RTT CGI- CGI production of high-end stills, animations and interactive realtime content.