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Omnivision Studios (located in The Netherlands and the US) is founded in 2006 and strives to provide excellent (multi) touch screen software applications that are fully customizable, user friendly and reliable.

We focus exclusively on the in-house development of multi touch and multi user touch DeskTop (Windows 7) and Modern UI (Windows 8) custom and standard applications named Omnitapps. Our Omnitapps multi-touch software applications can be applied in different segments: Business, Educational, Games & Entertainment and Custom Projects.

Omnivision Studios consists of a team of application (game) developers who have extensive experience in new media, games, education and innovative (multi) touch technology.

The extensive range of our (customizable) software solutions allow us to focus on a wide variety of schools, reception areas, shopping malls, real estate, theme parks, retail, exhibitions and more.

Our Business applications offer the most extensive multi-touch user experience at your lobby, shopping mall, store, tradeshow, museum, hospital, etc. Our application for Education helps children to learn English and math by playing a puzzle with content from our partner Larsen from Norway. The promotion version is the first of many to come. Omnitapps Games and Entertainment develops for the (Portable) All-in-one’s, Ultrabooks, Windows 8 Tablets and convertibles multi touch applications for fun and entertainment for up to four people. And we have projects with Custom made applications.

Product or Services offered:
Omnitapps Multi Touch Suite
Omnitapps Business offers applications which can be fully customized. It offers a collection of applications that offers you a unique way to present your products or services. Show your product photos, videos, brochures and even websites within a multitouch environment or put your products in the spotlight through one of the games.

With Omnitapps Interactive Wayfinding you can create your own interactive floor plan which helps your visitors navigate inside your shopping mall, hospital, hotel, arena, conference centre.

The Omnitapps Cloud Brochure Selector application is totally focused on creating a paperless environment for viewing, sending and managing PDF brochures.

Within the Professional Multi Touch suite are different applications which you can combine and can fill with your own data like pdf’s, video’s, images and text.

Download the free trial here.

Custom Build solutions
Although you can configure almost every detail in our Omnitapps applications it could happen that you are looking for extra features or applications. In this case we are capable to develop custom and enhanced versions of Omnitapps just for you.

Our Custom team is able to develop custom applications or is able to add extra functionality to the different applications like connection with RFID, NFC and Barcode readers.

For special screens sizes like 1x3 video wall screens they can create multi touch applications which can be used by several people at the same time. For Agencies or end-users who like to use our applications for creating more brand awareness, product introductions, etc. our Omnitapps Custom team offers experienced graphic designers for the creation of configurations. This team also can make a quotation for special multi touch applications.

If you are licensee and interested in bringing you own Media puzzle on the market please contact us. We can create games with your characters, content etc. This games are not limited to puzzles, memo, match, lotto, etc. At our Omnitapps Interactive Experience Centre we like to show the different possibilities.

Platforms supported:
Windows 7, Windows 8, Microsoft Surface, Android and iOS

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