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IntuiLab is a global leader in the design, development and management of interactive experiences. Founded in 2002, we have helped 100+ clients deploy engaging, visually stunning, yet highly functional applications using the latest in interactive technology.

Product or Services offered:
IntuiFace Commerce: Our retail-specific offering, uniting multi-touch, remote gesture, RFID and other sensor-based interactions with real-time integration to the back office, creating innovative shopping experiences tailored specifically for each brand, customer demographic and store layout. Our clients are found across verticals including grocery, apparel, specialty, convenience, telecom and banking & insurance.

IntuiFace Presentation: A drag and drop, do-it-yourself authoring environment for anyone who wants to create their own rich multi-touch and sensor-enabled presentations. No programming skills are required as images, documents, videos, maps, etc. are automatically converted into interactive assets that can be orchestrated using an array of supplied graphical tools and techniques. Download today for a free three week trial.

Platforms supported:
IntuiFace Commerce: Android 2.2+, iOS 5+, Windows 7+
IntuiFace Presentation: Windows 7+

Geoffrey Bessin,