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GestureWorks software products include GestureWorks Core and GestureWorks Flash, comprehensive gesture-based development environments, and GestureKey, a Windows 8 utility that multitouch-enables legacy applications. GestureWorks products were designed and developed by Ideum, an interactive design firm formed in 1999. Ideum develops custom applications and installations, and since 2008 it has designed and built integrated multitouch tables.

The GestureWorks Core and Flash authoring tools can be used to create a wide variety of applications that can be deployed in virtually any market. GestureKey enables users to multitouch-enable nearly any Windows 8-compatible application, as well as provides developers with an easy way to prototype multitouch in their applications.

Product or Services offered:
GestureWorks Core is a software development kit (SDK) that allows developers to easily create multitouch and gesture-based applications using a variety of languages such as C++, C#/.NET, Java, Python and HTML5/Javascript in a number of frameworks like Cinder, Unity, Processing, Kivy and others. First released in 2009, Gestureworks Flash provides ActionScript developers streamlined multitouch authoring for touch-tables and walls, kiosks, desktop computers, tablets, and embedded devices. Developers have access to pre-built gestures and the world's first markup language for multitouch, GestureML. In addition, GestureWorks Core and Flash have a powerful touch point cluster analysis system, built-in multitouch simulator, pre-built modules, and more.

Platforms supported:
GestureWorks Core: Window XP, Vista, 7 & 8
GestureWorks Flash:  Window XP, Vista, 7 & 8 / Mac OS X
GestureKey: Windows 8

Contact GestureWorks at 505-792-1110 (Corrales, NM)