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3M Touch Systems

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3M Touch Systems

Technology and Application Briefs

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Technical Briefs

Resistive and Surface Capacitive (U.S. size) | (A4 size) (PDF 1.15 MB)

Optical, Surface Acoustic Wave, and Bending Wave (U.S. size) | (A4 size) (PDF 720 kB)

Application Briefs

Marine Electronics (U.S. size) | (A4 size) (PDF 210 kB)

Exercise Equipment (U.S. size) | (A4 size) (PDF 590 kB)

Application Success Stories

Gaming: Table Games (U.S. size) | (A4 size) (PDF 160 kB)

Digital Signage: Automotive Product Selectors (U.S. size) | (A4 size) (PDF 170 kB)

Industrial Controls: PC Panels (U.S. size) | (A4 size) (PDF 170 kB)

Food Service: POS Counter Displays (U.S. size) | (A4 size) (PDF 100 kB)

Marine Navigation: Display Optics (U.S. size) | (A4 size) (PDF 100 kB)

Marine Navigation: Electronics (U.S. size) | (A4 size) (PDF 100 kB)

Self Service: DVD Rental Kiosks (U.S. size) | (A4 size) (PDF 100 kB)