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3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation for Footwear

Worker wearing Thinsulate Insulation in work boot Climber wearing Thinsulate Insulation climbing boot

3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation – a Premium insulation choice for footwear

Thinsulate insulation works in footwear‚ including winter boots‚ hiking boots‚ hunting boots‚ or casual shoes‚ because it doesn't bog boots down with weight and the fibers absorb less than 1 percent of their weight in water. This means it’s not only one of the lightest synthetic insulations on the market‚ but it helps keep feet warm even in damp conditions. So‚ look for Thinsulate insulation in warm boots or shoes that need to hold up to cool or cold temperatures and damp conditions. It also comes in different gram weights to provide the right warmth for your activity‚ so use the guidelines below to select the appropriate footwear.

Recommended grams of 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation for footwear:

  • 200 grams* for cool conditions or high activity levels – Recommended for work boots‚ hiking boots‚ rubber bottom boots‚ hunting boots‚ snowboard boots‚ alpine ski boots‚ or athletic winter boots.
  • 400 grams* for cold conditions or moderate activity levels – Recommended for rubber bottom boots‚ hiking boots‚ PAC boots‚ hunting boots‚ or work boots.
  • 600 grams* for very cold conditions – Recommended for hiking boots‚ work boots‚ hunting boots‚ or PAC boots.
  • 800 grams* for extremely cold conditions with light activity levels – Recommended for hunting boots‚ PAC boots‚ or work boots.
  • 1‚000+ grams* for extremely cold conditions with light to minimal activity level – Recommended for unique applications requiring additional insulation.

* Grams per square meter of insulation

Look for Thinsulate insulation hang tags on footwear from these manufacturers.

Flexible and Strong
Can take a beating and still remain effective at trapping air and keeping you warmer.
Warmth in Science
Comparison chart
The image is a comparison of heat loss. High areas of heat loss are indicated in red and white. Low heat loss is shown in blue and green.
Thin‚ Warm‚ Light
Nearly twice the warmth of foam‚ felt or pile‚ and won’t bog down boots with weight.
Warmth even when Wet
Absorbs less than 1% of its weight in water‚ so it keeps feet warm even in damp conditions.

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