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News and Press Archives



Nov - Cabling Installation & Maintenance Telcos can leverage infrastructure by rethinking inside the box
Nov - OSP Magazine Extreme Makeover - Cabinet Edition: Cabinet Rehabbing Uncovers New Venues for Op-Ex and Cap-Ex Efficiencies
Nov 29 - 3M News 3M Enables High-Speed Broadband Access Across Australia
Oct - Cabling Installation & Maintenance The benefits of field-terminated connectivity in FTTH networks
Oct - RCR Wireless 3M says its fiber solutions can speed move to 4G
Oct - Broadband Communities Pacific Park Deploys Fiber in the Apartment
Oct - CNS Smarter & Smarter Buildings
Sep - OSP Magazine When Outside Plant Goes Inside
Sep - Connected Planet 3M takes the splice out of fiber connectors
Sep - CNS Connector eases fiber installs: 3M
Sep - Interconnection World FTTx field-mounted connector requires no splice, gel or adhesive
Sep - Lightwave 3M offers Crimplok+ Connector for FTTx connectivity without a splice, gel or adhesive
Sep - Communications Technology Simplifying MDU Deployments With An All-In-One Fiber Pathway
Sep 27 - 3M News 3M Introduces Next-Generation Tower Solutions for Wireless Industry
Sep 13 - 3M News The 3M™ Crimplok™+ Connector Provides Fast, Easy Installation and Reliable Fiber Connectivity without a Splice, Gel or Adhesive
Aug - OSP Magazine Getting Inside MDU Solutions
Aug - OSP Magazine Aussies Adopt a Fiber Path
Jul - Cabling Installation & Maintenance Mechanical fiber splicing gains acceptance in Asian markets
Jul - Cabling Connection Getting Stuck on Fibre
Jun - CED Magazine 3M Touts New One Pass Mini
May - Cabling Networking Systems One Pass Mini Fiber Pathway from 3M brings fiber further into the home
May - Broadband Communities 3M Brings Fiber Inside the Apartment
May - TMCNet 3M Debuts One Pass Mini Fiber Pathway Solution
May - Lightwave 3M's One Pass Mini Fiber Pathway takes discreet fiber installation inside the living unit
Apr 27 - 3M News The Virtually Invisible One Pass Mini Fiber Pathway from 3M Takes Discreet, Easy Fiber Installation Inside the Living Unit
Mar - Broadband Communities 10th Annual List of Leading Broadband Technologies and Services
Jan - OSP Magazine Was ist DAS?



Jul 26 - 3M News 3M Introduces Weatherproofing Solutions for Wireless Applications
Jun 21 - 3M News New Fiber Closure from 3M Enables Easy Installation and Re-Entry in Most Environments
Nov - OSP Magazine Attack of the Clones
Jan - OSP Magazine Verizon Takes Fiber Through the Hallway



Nov 18 - 3M News 3M Introduces Three New Lubricants to Protect Cable During Installation
Oct 26 - 3M News 3M and Sewerin Announce Strategic Alliance
Sep 30 - Connected Planet Verizon uses 3M's One Pass for MDU Fiber
Sep 29 - 3M News One Pass Fiber Pathway from 3M Enables Fast Installation of FTTP Networks for MDUs
Oct - Broadband Properties New Technologies For Deploying Fiber in MDUs
Aug 17 - 3M News 3M Introduces Next Generation Underground Pipe/Cable/Fault and Electronic RFID Marker Locators
Jul 23 - 3M News 3M Expands Dynatel 965 Family of OSP Testers with New, Value-Priced Dynatel 965AMS Lite
May 14 - 3M News New 3M Dynatel Modular Test Set Extends xDSL Measurement Range to 30 MHz
May 6 - 3M News 3M Introduces LC and LC/APC No Polish Connectors for Fast, On-Site Installs Indoors and in the Outside Plant
Mar 31 - 3M News 3M™ Dynatel™ Introduces New iD Marker Writing Station for RFID Marking of Underground Utilities
Mar 11 - 3M News New Ladder Kit from 3M for Fiberglass Ladders Supports Aerial Line-Splicing Operations
Mar 10 - 3M News Quick Connect System 2810 from 3M Simplifies IDC Terminations
Feb 26 - 3M News 3M Fiber Dome Closure FDC 10S Enables Tool-less Installation and Re-Entry
Feb 23 - 3M News 3M Introduces Fiber Aerial Terminal Closure for Direct Spliced Drop Applications
Feb 23 - 3M News Newly Designed Fiber Aerial Terminal Closure from 3M Delivers Weather-Tight Protection for FTTP Networks
Feb 17 - 3M News 3M™ Dynatel™ Introduces New 12 Watt Transmitter for Locating Underground Utilities



Oct 22 - 3M News New Fibrlok Splices from 3M Enable Fast, On-site Installations for Analog Video
Oct 22 - 3M News New Compact 3M Fiber Dome Stubbed Terminal for Aerial and Buried Applications
Aug 4 - 3M News 3M Introduces One Step Closure Wireless to Protect the Wireless Tower Cable Connection
May 21 - 3M News No Polish Connectors from 3M Enable Fast, On-Site Installs
May 19 - 3M News 3M Releases Improved Dynatel Modular Test Platform
Feb 20 - 3M News 3M Develops New Module to Test xDSL Services
Feb 19 - 3M News New 3M Locator Is Optimized for Finding Pipe



Nov 27 - 3M News International Locate Rodeo Competitors Win with 3M Dynatel™ Locators
Sep 27 - 3M News FTTP Technology Breakthroughs Detailed at Austin Conference
Sep 11 - 3M News Scotchlok 50th Anniversary
Jul 10 - 3M News 3M Expands RFID Marker System for Underground Facilities
Apr 19 - 3M News 3M Closure Has Factory-Installed Gasket
Mar 26 - 3M News 250-Micron Fiber Splicing Made Easy by 3M Tool
Jan 22 - 3M News New No Polish Connector from 3M Makes Installation Fast and Easy



Oct 5, 2006 New 3M Fiber Splice/Holder Makes Splicing a Snap
Sep 12 - 3M News 3M Aerial Terminal Closure Has Factory-Installed Fanouts
Jun 21 - 3M News 3M Introduces Fiber Dome Closures
Jun 21 - 3M News 3M Offers Line of Products for CATV
Jun 21 - 3M News 3M Scotchlok Crimping Tool Covers Entire Range of Connectors
Jun 21 - 3M News Dynatel Line Tester Troubleshoots Inside Wiring for Voice Signal Viability Testing
Jun 5 - 3M News 3M Expands Its Product Offering for Aerial Copper Networks
Jun 5 - 3M News 3M STG2000 Connectivity System Houses High-Speed Networks in Small Spaces
Jun 5 - 3M News New generation of 3M IDCs offers superior protection, flexibility for overhead networks
Apr 19 - 3M News New Brochure Describes 3M Solutions for CATV
Mar 28 - 3M News 3M Telecommunications Business Launches New Web Site
Jan 11 - 3M News 3M Releases New Dynatel Modular Test Platform



Oct 4, 2005 3M Launches Fiber Dome Integrated Terminal/Closure for FTTx
Oct 4, 2005 3M Adds Smallest Member to 2178 Series of Fiber Optic Splice Closures
Oct 4 - 3M News New SLiC Fiber Aerial Closures from 3M Expedite Installation of Fiber Access Networks
Oct 4 - 3M News New 3M SLiC Aerial Terminal Closure for FTTP Applications Enhances Installation & Maintenance Productivity
Sep 1 - 3M News 3M Achieves Verizon Certification to Test PFOC Products
Jul 28 - 3M News Fiber Instrument Sales, Inc., Will Make Patch Cords with 3M Connectors and Cable
Jul 7 - 3M News 3M Releases Hot Melt LC Connectors
Jun 29 - 3M News Survey Says: 3M is Preferred Supplier of OSP Products
Jun 7 - 3M News New Splicing Rigs from 3M Provide Solutions for Today’s Splicing Needs
May 20 - 3M News New 3M Dynatel ADSL Qualification Test Set Provides Low-Cost Solution for POTS Testing and ADSL Verification
May 19 - 3M News 3M Solution for Fiber-to-the-Premises Highlighted in Brochure
Mar 22 - 3M News 3M Simplifies Utility Mapping and Locating with GPS/GIS



Nov 17 - 3M News 3M and Thales Announce Cooperative Marketing Agreement
Oct 22 - 3M News PRODUCT MASTERSPEC Developed for 3M Enterprise Cabling Products – Use of MASTERSPEC Aids Designers and Specifiers in Their Work
Apr 15 - 3M News 3M USB-Powered Media Converter Provides Cost-Effective Network Connectivity
Apr 1 - 3M News 3M Asks, “What’s Bugging You?”
Mar 26 - 3M News Gel Sealant Protects Conductor Pairs in 3M Bridge Module
Mar 12 - 3M News 3M Scotchlok Trim-Out Connector Installs Quickly Without Interrupting Service
Mar 9 - 3M News Tough 3M GGP Fiber Patch Cords Available in New Configurations



Oct 10 - 3M News 3M Dynatel™ Subscriber Loop Tester Adds Features
Jul 23 - 3M News 3M Redesigns Splicing Rig
Mar 10 - 3M News New 3M Cabinet Grows with Evolving Systems