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3M™ Forensic Vacuum


The 3M Forensics Vacuum is an extremely powerful unit designed for high-efficiency collection of particulate evidence that meets most law enforcement needs. The advanced safety features of this portable vacuum, along with it's single-use disposable filters, make evidence collection easy, convenient and safe.

3M™ Forensics Vacuum Product Bulletin (PDF 452.0K)

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Important Notice and Warranty

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How the 3M Forensics Vacuum Works
To help ensure that collected evidence remains pristine and uncontaminated, the system utilizes a specially designed, single-use, disposable filter. The filter is assembled and packaged in an evidence bag. The filter and bag are then inserted into a heat-sealed poly bag to prevent tampering. Double sealing of the filter in an evidence bag, followed by a poly bag, means it is only exposed to evidence collected at the crime scene at the time of use. After the filter has been used, it is then removed from the vacuum hose, capped front and back, and placed in a supplied evidence bag. The filter (housing and media) is intended for one-time use only to
help ensure evidence integrity. It should never be cleaned and reused.

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