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3M Cogent features a full range of 500 and 1,000 ppi resolution FBI-certified Livescan tenprint and palm print scanners that are robust yet cost effective. The high-definition optics allow the capture of forensic-quality rolled or flat images that meet the ANSI/NIST and FBI Image Quality Specification (IQS) standards. The easy-to-use software guides the user through the capture process with on-screen prompts and graphical user-interface displays.

Available in portable, desktop and full cabinet configurations, the scanners can be easily incorporated into various applications, such as applicant fingerprint processing, border control or inmate booking.

CS500e 3M™ CS500e Tenprint Livescan System
This easy-to-learn, lightweight, compact 500 ppi tenprint scanner system captures rolled and flat fingerprints.
CS500p 3M™ CS500p Tenprint and Palmprint Livescan System
Our robust yet cost-effective 500 ppi FBI-certified Livescan system quickly and reliably captures all rolled fingers, flats, upper, lower and writer's palms during the booking process.
CS1000p 3M™ CS1000p Tenprint and and Palmprint Livescan System
This 500 and 1000 ppi FBI-certified Livescan system features real-time image quality check, sequence verification, auto-center and auto-contrast functions.
3M™ Livescan Cabinet
Ruggedized housing cabinet compatible with our complete FBI-certified palm print and tenprint Livescan products. Designed for flexibility, the Livescan Cabinet offers various components that can be easily incorporated to create a range of applications such as applicant fingerprint processing, border control, or inmate booking.

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