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3M Cogent biometric scanning solutions empower law enforcement officials to rapidly capture high-quality fingerprint, palm print, and iris images that meet industry standards. Ranging from single/dual digit fingerprint scanners, livescan devices, iris capture devices, and fingerprint card scanners, our solutions can be customized to meet your agency's specific needs.


Fingerprint Scanners

3M Cogent Fingerprint Scanners capture forensic-quality images in a fast, reliable, and easy-to-learn way.

Livescan Solutions

3M Cogent features a full range of 500 and 1,000 ppi resolution FBI-certified LiveScan tenprint and palm print scanners that feature high-definition for forensic-quality rolled or flat image capture. Available in portable, desktop and full cabinet configurations, the scanners can be easily incorporated into various applications, such as applicant fingerprint processing, border control or inmate booking.

Dual Iris Scanner

Ideal for biometric applications such as civil registry enrollment, biometric document issuance, applicant identification, border control, and inmate release management, our dual iris capture scanner offers a robust yet low-cost solution for rapid and simultaneous iris capture in less than two seconds.

High-Speed Document Scanner

The only FBI certified scanner with the ability to scan both sides of the image simultaneously at 1,000 ppi, it is ideal for agencies looking to quickly eliminate fingerprint card back-logs. Versatile, this solution can also be used to convert palm prints, photos, and text documents into high-quality 500 ppi and 1,000 ppi electronic records at 256 grayscale level.

Child ID Software

A fast, easy, inkless, and secure way for agencies to provide parents with their child's vital information at their fingertips. The child's demographic information, parent's contact information, and the child's fingerprint and facial image are compiled in a report that can be printed and/or saved to a CD-ROM disc for the parent.