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Fast, accurate, mobile biometric identification

3M mobile identification solutions empower law enforcement officials to rapidly identify individuals in the field. Our end-to-end product suite brings the power of a full-scale AFIS to the officer's hand, providing access to positive identity verification, arrest records and warrants.

Mobile hand-held devices are available in various models, from those that only capture fingerprints to models that include multibiometric capture, such as fingerprint, face and iris. Each of our products has received required certifications, including FIPS 201 PIV, Mobile ID SAP and MIL-STD-810F.

Product Line Information Sheet
BlueCheck 3M™ Cogent BlueCheck™ II and BlueCheck™ II U Devices
Designed for single-handed operation, lightweight, ruggedized BlueCheck® II devices enable users to capture and search against fingerprint templates stored on the device or securely transfer captured fingerprints to a host.
Product Information Sheet
MI2 3M™ Cogent MI2 Handheld Fingerprint Identification Device
Ideal for military, law enforcement and other types of agencies in challenging environments, this device allows users to perform on-the-spot fingerprint and portrait/mug shot acquisition.
Product Information Sheet
MI3 3M™ Cogent MI3 Multimodal Handheld Fingerprint Identification Device
With an array of user-friendly features, the MI3 can quickly and easily capture forensic-quality fingerprints and high-resolution portraits for in-the-field identifications or enrollment. Applications include disaster scene management, ID document authentication, traffic citation and much more. A number of reader attachment modules are available for MI3 including: contact/contactless smart card reader, 1D/2D bar code reader, MRZ passport reader, 4-in-1 reader and mag-stripe reader.
Product Information Sheet
Fusion Biometric Collection 3M™ Cogent Fusion Biometric Collection and Identification Device
Designed for military and law enforcement personnel, the Fusion is a lightweight, wireless, multibiometric solution. It captures, stores and searches forensic-quality fingerprints, latent fingerprints, iris images, photos and textual data.
Product Information Sheet
3M™ Cogent Mobile Software 3M™ Cogent Mobile Software
The 3M™ Mobile ID application can run on a commercially-available smartphone with compatible OS, BlackBerry® or our own biometric mobile handhelds. Mobile ID software formats the captured biometric data into a NIST standard transaction records and transmits it to a remote AFIS over a wireless network.
3M™ Cogent Web ID System 3M™ Cogent Web ID System
The 100% web-based, flexible architecture of the 3M™ Web ID application enables it to be used with the 3M BlueCheck II fingerprint scanner or USB powered optical scanners. Web ID can be integrated with other third party scanners via ActiveX controls. Biometric data are submitted to a remote AFIS over a LAN or WAN network through the secure Web ID page using a standard web browser.

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