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3M offers a complete range of highly sophisticated, accurate and customizable biometric physical access control readers and OEM solutions that perform fast authentication and efficient entry while providing access security in a variety of environments. Our award-winning readers feature an open development platform for the customization of almost every part of the reader, granting great flexibility without compromising security.

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3M™ MiY-Touch Biometric Access Control Reader

The sleek, compact indoor access control reader provides fast, accurate authentication, efficient entry, and time and attendance, as well as other customizable functions. One of the lightest readers in its class, MiY-Touch features a fingerprint scanner and an intuitive touch-screen interface.


3M™ MiY-Search Biometric Access Control Reader

The perfect solution for small facilities, residential complexes, student dorms and more — MiY-Search combines fingerprint and PIN authentication, providing fast and secure access.

MiY-Card 3M™ MiY-Card Biometric Access Control Reader

This multifactor reader uses fingerprint, PIN and contactless smart card authentication methods. You can easily program the reader to require a single authentication or multiple authentications, according to the security levels required by your facility.

MiY-ID 3M™ MiY-ID Biometric Access Control Reader

MiY-ID provides the highest level of access control security and gives you the ability to use multiple card technology. The reader uses fingerprint, PIN, contact and contactless smart card. MiY-ID is ideal for ensuring secure access to high-security areas such as power plants, data centers and even government facilities. Our solution can be customized to comply with specific government security standards applied by different countries.

MiY-Mobile 3M™ MiY-Mobile Biometric Access Control Reader

This hand-held access control reader captures fingerprints and portraits and supports multiple forms of card interfaces through its modular attachments. Highly flexible, the MiY-Mobile can adapt to different scenarios running — fully stand-alone, or using its Wi-Fi capability for automatic data synchronization.

MiY Security Manager 3M™ MiY Security Manager Software

Our comprehensive device management tool allows administrators to customize operations, manage devices, integrate solutions and keep the systems up to date with the latest software release -— all in a very intuitive way.

SA-4ii 3M™ SA-4ii OEM Fingerprint Module

The OEM Fingerprint Module features a state-of-the-art DSP processor providing increased performance and power efficiency. Supplied with a 500 ppi fingerprint sensor, the SA-4ii OEM module has built-in commands to facilitate the integration of biometric components into new or existing products.