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Laminates & Security Features


Laminates & Security Features

Laminates & Security Features

Our proprietary security materials offer overt, covert and forensic technologies for layering security solutions into your secure credential. This approach helps ensure that our solutions meet both your desired level of security and your budget. It also means solutions that are scalable, enabling you to quickly migrate to new technologies.

3M™ Color Floating Image Security Laminate

Security Printing 3M™ Color Floating Image Security Laminate

With 3M™ Color Floating Image Security Laminate, customized floating images appear to "float" above or "sink" below the credential surface. Two covert features — kinetic microtext embedded within the floating image and retroreflectivity — can be incorporated to provide enhanced security.

Key Features:

  • Confident and easy authentication of a secure ID card without the use of a tool
  • Easy integration with ID card design through customized graphics and colors
  • Compatibility with Teslin® substrate-based ID cards and driver's licenses

[PDF 568KB]
Technical Artwork Guidelines [PDF 568KB]
Technical Data Sheet for Composite Cards [PDF 568KB]
Technical Data Sheet for Teslin® Substrate-Based Cards [PDF 568KB]

Security Printing 3M™ Retroreflective Security Laminates

Key Features:

  • A retroreflective background and security pattern that are easy to authenticate with a viewer day or night — yet help make attempts at tampering obvious
  • Easy application on badges, ID cards and driver's licenses with a variety of heat-based bonds
Security Printing Holographic Laminate

Holographic laminate is a plastic overlay applied to the bio-data page using pressure and/or heat in order to protect data against alteration. Laminates can include holographic features for additional security.

Security Printing Transparent Holographic Foil

Traditionally transparent holographic foil is the most popular type of DOVID (Diffractive Optically Variable Image Device) because of the appeal of holographic images and the transparent film, which allows for subsurface printed graphics. A number of holographic effects are possible.

Key Features:

  • 2D holograms with structural and color changes
  • 3D holograms with images
  • Holograms with kinematic effects
  • Holograms with High Refractive Index Foil, created with high-resolution dot-matrix, electron beam or other lithographic techniques