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3M Cogent

Automated Biometric Identification System
(ABIS) and Automated Palm Print and
Fingerprint Identification System (APFIS)


3M™ CAFIS: Automated Fingerprint and Palmprint Identification System

3M Cogent’s Automated Fingerprint and Palmprint Identification System is a multifactor, scalable, and customizable software package that allows you to perform a wide range of tasks for processing, editing, searching, retrieving, and storing fingerprint images and subject records. It includes a variety of automated identification solutions - from a desktop AFIS to distributed networked solutions for local, regional, and national systems. As one of the most accurate systems in the world, CAFIS ensures service resiliency while providing information safety through the use of built-in safeguards such as fault tolerant architechture, disk mirroring, automated database backups, and disaster recovery options.
3M Cogent is unique among AFIS vendors in that we use non-proprietary NIST record formats for our AFIS database records. As a result, the system can be integrated with external AFIS systems, computerized criminal history systems, LiveScan, handheld wireless devices, secure Web-based Internet solutions, as well as other information systems.

CAFIS provides the solution for agencies that:

  • Require fingerprint and palmprint matching systems with databases of up to tens of millions of records
  • Need rapid response times
  • Must support from a few to thousands of users
  • Want to include LiveScans and wireless biometric input devices
  • Require integration of existing information systems
  • Need to provide secure Web-based identification services

CAFIS offers you a wide array of features including:

  • Superior searching capability
  • Scalability
  • Speed
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Multitasking environment
  • Built-in quality checks
  • Powerful latent print image enhancement tools
  • Court exhibit creation
  • Extensive database queries

Product Information Sheet

3M™ CAPFIS Prime: Full Function AFIS for Local Law Enforcement Agencies

For local agencies, 3M Cogent provides an affordable and fully NIST-compliant standalone AFIS solution that incorporates much of the tenprint and latent functionality and all the accuracy of large-scale AFIS systems. It is scalable to support system growth. 3M Cogent’s fully integrated software-based solutions operate on industry-standard Windows platforms.

Our guiding development principles include interoperability and cost reduction. As a result, clients benefit from both price and performance improvements in the marketplace.

  • Convenience - Delivered system includes a fully operational database
  • Automation - Fully automated fingerprint record and latent entry
  • Optional - Automated palm print identification feature (fully integrated)
  • Dependability - All the functionality of a national AFIS on your PC
  • Precision - Accurate pattern classification with no human intervention
  • Scalability - Unlimited database growth potential
  • Choice - Image enhancement tools offer the greatest ease of use in the industry
  • Compatibility - Full NIST and FBI IAFIS search compatibility
  • Interoperability - Provides dissimilar AFIS search capability
  • Innovation - The first PC/Laptop based AFIS in the industry
  • User-friendliness - Operates with a simple graphical interface

The functional capabilities include:

  • Full database search, with no database binning or filtering
  • Searching of both rolled and flat records for finger latent search
  • Auto image placement on Tenprint/Palm records during scanning operation
  • Automatic image processing that includes minutiae extraction, quality check, and sequence check
  • Tenprint vs. Tenprint search with auto-confirm (lights out) function
  • Tenprint vs. Unsolved Latent search
  • Finger Latent vs. Tenprint search
  • Finger Latent vs. Unsolved Finger Latent search
  • Palm Latent vs. Palmprint search
  • NIST interface for LiveScan workstations
  • Auto composite record construction
  • Demographic history
  • Support of multiple card formats for scanning operations

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