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Enhanced public safety through state-of-the-art technology

With a long history of commitment to supporting law enforcement, 3M Cogent is known for delivering some of the fastest, most accurate, sophisticated and reliable biometric identification solutions in the world. We help law enforcement organizations meet the evolving challenges of increasing public safety and reducing crime by providing state-of-the-art biometric identification technology.

Our systems allow for the seamless integration of your workflows with existing information systems, external AFIS, mobile identification devices, LiveScans and mug shot systems. We offer law enforcement biometric identification solutions that are cost-effective, FBI-certified and fully NIST-compliant.

Customer Showcase

Watch how 3M biometric solutions help the San Francisco Police Department fulfill its mission.


Law Enforcement Solutions:


3M Cogent's line of Automated Palmprint and Fingerprint Identification Systems includes a variety of automated identification solutions for processing, editing, searching, retrieving, and storing fingerprint images and subject records. Our offerings range from a desktop AFIS to distributed networked solutions for local, regional, and national systems.

Mobile Identification Solutions
Mobile Identification Solutions

3M provides end-to-end mobile identification solutions from front-end mobile biometric hand-held devices and capture applications to the regional mobile ID servers and back-end automated biometric identification systems.

Scanning Solutions
Scanning Solutions

Biometric capture is easier, faster and more accurate than ever with our full line of FBI-certified Livescan devices, ranging from portable Applicant LiveScan solutions to full LiveScan cabinet workstations.

Mugshot Systems
Mug Shot Systems

The 3M Cogent Mug Shot System provides a web-based, service-oriented, modular mug shot photo investigative tool for law enforcement agencies.

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