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Scotchgard™ Vehicle Protection Package

Scotchgard is an indispensable protective layer that helps repel common substances that can stain or blemish vehicles. On the inside‚ spills and debris from coffee‚ soft drinks‚ mud and slush easily wipe off seats and carpets. Scotchgard also reduces exposure to the sun’s UV rays‚ which can cause vinyl dashboard cracks and upholstery discoloration. On the outside‚ Scotchgard protects against blemishes from rock chips‚ tree sap‚ bird droppings and acid rain. All of which help you get top-dollar on a trade-in. Additionally‚ this service guards the inside and outside of the car for up to five years.

To make a claim, please call (800) 813-9926 and have your customer number handy.

Leather & Vinyl Protector Fabric Protactor Paint Protector Carpet Protector

Scotchgard™ Leather and Vinyl Protector

Helps protect interior surfaces

  • Creates an invisible barrier against the damaging effects of ultraviolet light.
  • Our non-greasy formula produces a rich satin sheen.

Scotchgard™ Fabric Protector

Helps stop spills from staining your seats

When applied to your fabric seats‚ spills settle on top of the surface instead of being immediately absorbed.

  • When applied to your fabric seats‚ spills settle on top of the surface instead of being immediately absorbed.
  • Coffee‚ catsup and sippy cup contents wipe off easily.

Scotchgard™ Paint Protector

Safeguards your car’s exterior finish

  • Creates a chemical bond that helps protect paint surfaces from bugs‚ tree sap‚ bird droppings‚ etc.
  • Helps protect the paint’s finish from premature fading and weathering and can help you get top dollar for your trade-in.

Scotchgard™ Carpet Protector

Helps to resist carpet stains

Your first line of defense in the battle for a clean car interior.

  • Helps prevent mud‚ dirt‚ slush and grease from being immediately absorbed into carpet fibers
  • Makes messes easy to clean up
  • Discourages stains
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