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Digital Designs FAQ


3M™ Digital Designs Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I cut only certain pieces from a kit instead of the whole thing?
A. Yes‚ you can select only the piece(s) you wish to cut.
Q. Will I be charge full price for just cutting a mirror?
A. No‚ you are only billed for the pieces that are cut.
Q. Why are all the pieces a solid black?
A. The “Show Fill” option is selected. To deselect this option go to View->Show Fill or use the keyboard short cut Alt + S.
Q. Can I increase amount of material between the end of the kit and where the plotter cuts it off the roll?
A. Yes. Go to Cut->Plotting Defaults the Plot window will appear. From the drop down menu select you desired plotter driver. Then click on the setup button and the Plotter Setup window will appear. Select the “Plotter Options” tab. In the “Additional X move at end” area enter the amount desired. Click “Apply” then “OK” in the Plot window click “Save Default” then “OK”.
Q. Can I move pieces around?
A. Yes you can move and rotate pieces.
Q. Can I edit the pieces?
A. No. You do not have the ability to edit the pieces.
Q. Can I save files to my desktop?
A. No. You cannot save files locally to your computer.
Q. Why is there a black box on the screen?
A. The “Sign Blank” option is selected. To deselect this option go to View->Show Sign Blank.
Q. Can I remove the parking sensors from a bumper before cutting it?
A. Yes. Select the sensors that you would like to remove and hit the Delete key on your keyboard.
Q. Where can I go if I need help?
A. You can call the Tech Support Number at 651-733-1000.

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