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U.S. Government Contract Flow Downs

The U.S. Government contract clauses found on this site apply to 3M Orders, Contracts or Agreements with suppliers and subcontractors if, and only if, 3M Orders, Contracts or Agreements incorporates them by reference. More than one set of clauses may be incorporated into 3M Orders, Contracts or Agreements.

U.S. Government Contracts - Provisions for Suppliers and Subcontractors

     Effective 12-17-14 (PDF, 147k)
     Effective 11-12-14 (PDF, 122k)
     Effective 03-24-14 (PDF, 16k)
     Effective 03-14-13 (PDF, 15k)
     Effective 02-01-13 (PDF, 15k)
     Effective 07-31-12 (PDF, 15k)
     Effective 04-26-12 (PDF, 18k)
     Effective 10-18-11 (PDF, 20k)  

U.S. Government Contracts - Additional Provisions for Subcontractors

     Effective 12-17-14 (PDF, 165k)
     Effective 09-08-14 (PDF, 173k)
     Effective 05-19-14 (PDF, 17k)
     Effective 02-25-14 (PDF, 17k)
     Effective 12-23-13 (PDF, 17k)
     Effective 03-14-13 (PDF, 17k)
     Effective 12-04-12 (PDF, 17k)

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