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Effective March 1, 2014

28 January 2014

Dear Supplier,

This letter is to inform you of the 3M Consumer Business Group - Print Quality Management Program (PQM).  You are receiving this letter as a supplier, directly to 3M, providing printed packaging components (tier 1) or as a supplier who provides 3M with products or services which may include printed packaging components (tier 2) -  in which case please make your printing suppliers aware of this new program / RD-1200 standard. 3M requests your full support as we implement this program applicable to the consumer divisions listed below.           

Construction and Home Improvement Markets Division (CHIM)
Stationery and Office Supplies Division (SOSD)
Home Care Division (HCD)
Consumer Health Care (CHC)
Pet & Animal Care Business

Note: This Print Quality Management Program is designed to be replicated across other 3M Business Groups or Divisions in the future.

Packaging is the first contact with our consumers where they are influenced to choose our brands.  As such, the goal of the 3M Global DesignLab is to consistently maintain high print quality and color accuracy for all commercially print packaging around the world.  It is important that we leverage the value of packaging in expressing a brand promise, delivering a positive and consistent experience, and differentiating from our competition.  The information contained in this document provides standards, equipment, acceptable variances and sampling expectations that will be used to control 3M Consumer Business Group brands.  Many standards contained in this program are based upon GRACol® and First print industry standards.

The 3M Consumer Business Group PQM document provides specifications and process information to maintain consistent reproduction of commercially printed packaging across a broad range of 3M Consumer Business Group brands. This strategy is intended to improve color consistency and print quality throughout production for all US and international packaging and related materials. 


  • Create “Best-in-Class” color & graphics reproduction across all packaging materials.
  • Protect 3M’s brands assets
  • Establish a 3M qualified/certified supply chain

Objective is to provide all participants in the print reproduction process – customers, designers, prepress providers, and printers – with a common set of guidelines, targets, and tolerances that can be used as communication and production tools.  Our goal is to improve quality, reduce cycle times, minimize rework and waste, and facilitate producing a predictable, consistent result, print run after print run.

Submit ink draw downs for review and approval effective immediately.  Full implementation of all requirements including sample submissions - March 1, 2014

If you have any questions regarding these new expectations, the PQM programs, and RD-1200, please contact 3M Packaging. The CBG Print Quality Management Program document for your review and implementation is available on IPMp and "Supplier Direct" website ( as 3M Corporate General Specification CGS1200.pdf to access and detach.

Your partnership is critical to achieve the best printed packaging possible.

Consistent color quality and print reproduction builds brand equity…brand equity builds consumer recognition and product loyalty…consumer recognition and product loyalty builds 3M sales growth

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