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Counterfeit Goods

Summary of the 3M compliance plan
The 3M Company Counterfeit Material Control Plan (CMCP) contains a set of “risk-based” anti-counterfeit controls.  It aligns with industry standards, SAE AS 5553 (Fraudulent, Counterfeit, Electronic Parts: Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation & Disposition) and SAE AS 6174, Assuring Acquisition of Authentic and Conforming Materials).

The scope of the CMCP is electronic products and critical products aligning with “DoD Counterfeit Prevention Policy,” DODI 4140.67. 

The CMCP establishes three tiers of controls, Baseline (for all products), Enhanced (for “critical” products) and Special (for products with additional customer requirements).

Tier 1 Baseline controls include contract language for all suppliers and Quality Standard Operating Procedures to align practices.

Tier 2 Enhanced controls require a risk assessment of 3M product families against criticality criteria included in DoD existing and emerging policy in order to identify 3M critical products.  Risk mitigation strategies will be implemented for high risk suppliers of 3M critical products.

Tier 3 Special controls are used when additional controls are required by the customer.

Suppliers - Your attention is called to these new Counterfeit Goods provisions.

3M Expectations of Suppliers
These Counterfeit Goods provisions enable 3M Company to continue to offer world class solutions of uncompromising quality, assuring our customers that our products meet or exceed the quality standards they have come to expect from 3M.  As a 3M supply chain partner, we expect you to join with us to assure our customers of the authenticity of the 3M products they are buying. From time to time 3M may request from you a verification or certification that the materials you provide to 3M are not counterfeit.  These assurances, that the supplies you provide to 3M are new (unless otherwise authorized), genuine, sourced from the original manufacturer or its authorized distributor (unless prior written permission has been granted), and not counterfeit, are required by many of our customers, including the United States government and its suppliers. 3M is committing to immediately inform customers should we discover that a counterfeit “escape” has infiltrated 3M products and to take corrective action to cure such a nonconformance.  Customers may request that 3M bear the expense of such remediation. We expect your ongoing collaboration in warranting your supplies and supporting such a notification requirement and addressing any liability caused by your supplies.

Counterfeit Goods provisions

In 3M Purchase Orders:
Counterfeit Goods - POs (PDF, 146k).  All Products delivered pursuant to this Agreement will comply with and are subject to the anti-counterfeiting terms and conditions listed under “Counterfeit Goods” at Supplier Direct/Supplier Regulatory e-Enablement (“Counterfeit Goods”).

In new Master Supply Agreements:
Counterfeit Goods - MSA (PDF, 140k).  All Products delivered pursuant to this Agreement will comply with and are subject to the anti-counterfeiting terms and conditions listed under “Counterfeit Goods” at ("Counterfeit Goods").

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