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3M™ Light Redirecting Film (LRF) Benefits
A Cost Effective Solution to Increasing Module Efficiency to 270W and 275W
3M™ Raybender Film
  • Reflect light onto active portions of the cell
    • Reduces shading impact of busbars
    • Custom slitting for 3BB, 4BB and 5BB applications
  • Increase energy output by as much as 2% or 5 watts
    • Efficiency gain is additive to cell efficiency gains
  • Implementation with minimal capital investment
    • High efficiency cells technologies e.g PERC can be expensive to implement
    • Autowell Tabber Stringers have proven LRF lamination solution
  • >100MW LRF modules installed in the market to date
  • Proven quality, durability & outdoor performance

3M™ Cool Mirror Film

Built on 3M's decades of expertise in light management, 3M™ Cool Mirror Films are unique, multilayer optical films designed for low concentration, crystalline silicon photovoltaic (low X CPV) installations. The films reflect only the wavelengths of light that can be absorbed by solar cells, substantially reducing the amount of solar energy that can degrade the performance of CPV systems.

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3M (TM) Cool Mirror Film for solar energy. Photo courtesy of Photo courtesy of tenKsolar (R)

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