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3M™ Fibre Disc 988C, 7 in x 7/8 in 36, 25 per inner 100 per case Boxed

3M ID  60440207581    UPC#  00051111559659    3M Product Number  988C     
3M(TM) Cubitron(TM) II Fibre Disc 982C/988C
3M(TM) Cubitron(TM) II Fibre Disc 982C/988C
3M™ Fibre Disc 988C offers an exceptionally fast cut and extreme durability for high-pressure carbon and mild steel applications by combining 3M™ Ceramic Abrasive Grain with a stiff fiber backing. Designed for both long life and superior performance in aggressive, heavy-duty applications, ceramic fiber discs minimize edge wear, enhance productivity, and reduce material consumption.
  • Proprietary 3M™ Ceramic Abrasive Grain outcuts and outlasts aluminum oxide
  • Stiff fiber backing stands up to heavyweight applications such as high-pressure stock removal
  • Ceramic grain requires less pressure, reducing operator fatigue
  • 7/8" center hole mount is compatible with 3M™ disc pad face plates and hubs, and requires the use of a disc retainer nut (all sold separately)
  • Resin bond withstands heat and stabilizes the disc under pressure and heat to increase productivity
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    Choose our 3M™ Fibre Disc 988C for high-pressure stock removal, weld leveling, and beveling. This disc is compatible with 3M™ disc pad face plates and hubs, and requires the use of a disc retainer nut (all sold separately). The disc is resin-bonded to withstand high heat and pressure in demanding applications. Our 3M™ Ceramic Abrasive Grain exceeds conventional abrasives in durability, disc life, and cut-rate, offering greater throughput in less time. Additionally, less pressure is required to achieve maximum cut-rate, in turn reducing operator fatigue and extending tool life. 3M™ Ceramic Abrasive Grain is a 3M proprietary ceramic mineral formed using a process to enhance toughness and hardness of the grain. It is chemically engineered with a unique “stay sharp” crystalline structure, which continually self-sharpens cutting edges on the surface of the disc, ensuring extended high performance in high pressure production environments. These discs enable operators to do more work in less time, for significant gains in productivity. Fiber discs are heavy-duty discs ideal for weld removal, grinding, and blending large and small areas of metal surfaces. They feature a tough, stiff backing made from hardened fibers that resist wear and can handle tough grinding applications. Fiber discs with a 7/8" center hole are mounted onto a right angle grinder. They are secured to the disc pad hub and face plate with a compatible disc retainer nut (all sold separately). For optimal performance, the disc should be used with a face plate of the appropriate density for the application—a lighter density face plate for lighter weight grinding applications, and a harder density face plate for more heavyweight grinding applications. Using the correct face plate for the application ensures that the abrasive mineral will continually re-sharpen, maximizing the life of the abrasive.


    ApplicationBlending, Grinding, Weld Removal & Finishing
    Application CategoryBlending/Deburring, Grinding/Metal Stock Removal
    Backing MaterialFibre
    Center Hole Diameter0.87 Inch
    Coat TypeClosed Coat
    Converted FormFibre Disc
    Diameter7 Inch
    Diameter (metric)177.8 Millimetre
    Equipment - MachinesRight Angle Grinders
    Form TypeFibre
    Industry - UseMetalworking
    Max RPM8600
    Mineral TypeCeramic
    Product FormDisc
    Sub IndustryMetal Fabrication
    SubstrateCarbon Steel