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3M™ Reflective Elements Small

PM Reflective Elements
PM Reflective Elements
3M™ Reflective Elements utilize the most advanced technologies to deliver true reflected color and optimized visibility tailored to roadway requirements. Feature unique 3M microcrystalline ceramic beads, 3M™ Reflective Elements are tougher and more efficient than other glass-beaded optics systems for superior performance.
  • Most efficent optics for liquid-applied markings
  • Easily installed by double-drop systems
  • True reflected color and superior visibility
  • Optimized index for wet- and dry-reflectivity
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4 Results (Displaying results 1-4)
3M IDMarketplace Formal NameColorSize
750301637963M™ Elements Small Yellow Dry, 35 lbs/containerYellow525 pound container
750301637883M™ Elements Small White Dry, 35 lbs/containerWhite35 pound container
750301768063M™ Elements Small White Dry, 525 lbs/containerWhite35 pound container
750301672353M™ Elements Small Yellow Dry, 525 lbs/containerYellow525 pound container
4 Results (Displaying results 1-4)



 Applications‎‎ Long lines
 Color‎‎ White,‎ Yellow
 Performance Features‎‎ Dry reflectivity
 Saleable Unit‎‎ 525 pound container,‎ 35 pound container
 Size‎‎ 525 pound container,‎ 35 pound container
 Surface Type‎‎ Asphalt,‎ Concrete