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3M™ Raised Pavement Markers Series 290

3M™ Raised Pavement Markers 290 Family
3M™ Raised Pavement Markers 290 Family
3M™ Raised Pavement Markers Series 290 are highly visible at night and in rainy conditions. Tough, impact-resistant bodies and abrasion-resistant lenses ensure long-lasting performance and durability.
  • Highly reflective
  • Durable construction
  • Variety of color combinations, including colors for hydrant and utilities location
  • Available with pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Easy to apply
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3M IDMarketplace Formal NameColorLength
750300604143M™ Raised Pavement Marker 290 PSA-290-YR, Two-Way Yellow/RedYellow/Red4 Inch
750300541023M™ Raised Pavement Marker 290 290-R, One-Way RedRed4 Inch
750300315633M™ Raised Pavement Marker 290 290-Y, One-Way YellowYellow4 Inch
750300604483M™ Raised Pavement Marker 290 PSA-291-YR, Two-Way, Yellow/RedYellow/Red4 Inch
750300541103M™ Raised Pavement Marker 290 297-2G, One-Way GreenGreen4 Inch
750300603563M™ Raised Pavement Marker 290 PSA-290-W, One-Way WhiteWhite4 Inch
750300315713M™ Raised Pavement Marker 290 291-Y, One-Way YellowYellow101.6 Inch
750300315893M™ Raised Pavement Marker 290 291-2Y, Two-Way Yellow4 Inch
750300604553M™ Raised Pavement Marker 290 PSA-295-2B, Two-Way BlueBlue4 Inch
750300604303M™ Raised Pavement Marker 290 PSA-291-Y, One-Way YellowYellow4 Inch
750300603153M™ Raised Pavement Marker 290 PSA-290-2R, Two-Way RedRed4 Inch
750300315553M™ Raised Pavement Marker 290 290-2W, Two-Way White4 Inch
750300603803M™ Raised Pavement Marker 290 PSA-290-WY, One-Way White/YellowWhite/Yellow4 Inch
750300315973M™ Raised Pavement Marker 290 291YR, Two-Way Yellow/RedYellow/Red4 Inch
750300315303M™ Raised Pavement Marker 290 290-WR, Two-Way White/Red4 Inch
34 Results (Displaying results 1-15)
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 Adhesive Type‎‎ Permanent
 Application Instructions‎‎ See Product Bulletin
 Applications‎‎ Long lines,‎ Ramps,‎ Gore markings,‎ Construction work zones,‎ Spot delineation,‎ Curbs
 Average Daily Traffic‎‎ Medium,‎ Low,‎ High
 Body Color‎‎ White,‎ Blue,‎ Red,‎ Green,‎ Yellow
 Certifications and Specifications‎‎ ASTM E809 Tables 1 and 37,‎ ASTM E809 Tables 1 and 19,‎ ASTM E809 Tables 1 and 38,‎ ASTM E809 Tables 1 and 15,‎ ASTM E809 Tables 1 and 16,‎ ASTM E809 Tables 1 and 17,‎ ASTM E809 Tables 1 and 18,‎ ASTM E809 Tables 1 and 12,‎ ASTM E809 Tables 1 and 30,‎ ASTM E809 Tables 1 and 13,‎ ASTM E809 Tables 1 and 14,‎ ASTM E809 Tables 1 and 33,‎ ASTM E809 Tables 1 and 34,‎ ASTM E809 Tables 1 and 35,‎ ASTM E809 Tables 1 and 10,‎ ASTM E809 Tables 1 and 36,‎ ASTM E809 Tables 1 and 6,‎ ASTM E809 Tables 1 and 5,‎ ASTM E809 Tables 1 and 4,‎ ASTM E809 Tables 1 and 9,‎ ASTM E809 Tables 1 and 8,‎ ASTM E809 Tables 1 and 29,‎ ASTM E809 Tables 1 and 27,‎ ASTM E809 Tables 1 and 40,‎ ASTM E809 Tables 1 and 20,‎ ASTM E809 Tables 1 and 41,‎ ASTM E809 Tables 1 and 21,‎ ASTM E809 Tables 1 and 2,‎ ASTM E809 Tables 1 and 24,‎ ASTM E809 Tables 1 and 25,‎ ASTM E809 Tables 1 and 3,‎ ASTM E809 Tables 1 and 22,‎ ASTM E809 Tables 1 and 23
 Color‎‎ White,‎ Blue,‎ White/Red,‎ Red,‎ Green,‎ Yellow/Red,‎ Yellow,‎ White/Yellow
 Construction‎‎ Polycarbonate body & lens
 Directionality‎‎ Two-Way,‎ One-Way
 Height‎‎ 3.5 Inch,‎ 89.2 Inch
 Length‎‎ 101.6 Inch,‎ 4 Inch
 Lens Color‎‎ White,‎ Blue,‎ White/Red,‎ Red,‎ Green,‎ Yellow/Red,‎ Yellow,‎ White/Yellow
 Liner‎‎ Yes
 Performance Features‎‎ Dry reflectivity,‎ Wet reflectivity
 Saleable Unit‎‎ 101 per carton,‎ 100 per carton
 Surface Type‎‎ Asphalt,‎ Concrete
 Width‎‎ 15.9 Inch,‎ 0.625 Inch