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3M™ Process Color Series 880i

3M(TM) Process Color Series 880I
3M(TM) Process Color Series 880I
High quality, durable, transparent color used to screen process copy or background on signs made with various 3M reflective sheeting. Black inks are opaque.
  • Screen-ready
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14 Results (Displaying results 1-14)
3M IDMarketplace Formal NameColor
750301109203M™ Process Color 888I Green, Gallon ContainerGreen    
750301108623M™ Process Color 882I Red, gallon containerRed    
750301414043M™ Process Color 888N Green, Gallon ContainerGreen    
750301108883M™ Process Color 884I Yellow, Gallon ContainerYellow    
750301109043M™ Process Color 886I Orange, Gallon ContainerOrange    
750301109613M™ Process Color 895I Magenta, Gallon ContainerMagenta    
750301108963M™ Process Color 885I Black, gallon containerBlack    
750301109123M™ Process Color 887I Brown, Gallon ContainerBrown    
750301440023M™ Process Color 883I Dark Blue, Gallon ContainerDark Blue    
750301108703M™ Process Color 883I Blue, Gallon ContainerBlue    
750301109463M™ Process Color 893I Blue-Violet, Gallon ContainerBlue-Violet    
750301108543M™ Process Color Toner 880I Clear, Gallon ContainerTransparent    
750300564123M™ Process Color 891I Thinner, gallon container    
750301109533M™ Process Color 894I Lemon Yellow, Gallon ContainerLemon Yellow    
14 Results (Displaying results 1-14)



 Application Instructions‎ See Product Bulletin‎
 Color‎ Blue‎ ,  Red‎ ,  Lemon Yellow‎ ,  Black‎ ,  Transparent‎ ,  Green‎ ,  Magenta‎ ,  Yellow‎ ,  Dark Blue‎ ,  Blue-Violet‎ ,  Orange‎ ,  Brown‎
 Imaging Method‎ Screen Print‎
 Liner‎ No‎
 Saleable Unit‎ Gallon‎