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3M™ Process Color Series 880i

3M™ Process Color Series 880I
3M™ Process Color Series 880I
High quality, durable, transparent color used to screen process copy or background on signs made with various 3M reflective sheeting. Black inks are opaque.
  • Screen-ready
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14 Results (Displaying results 1-14)
3M IDMarketplace Formal NameColor
750301109533M™ Process Color 894I Lemon Yellow, Gallon ContainerLemon Yellow
750301108703M™ Process Color 883I Blue, Gallon Container
750300564123M™ Process Color 891I Thinner, gallon container
750301109613M™ Process Color 895I Magenta, Gallon ContainerMagenta
750301109123M™ Process Color 887I Brown, Gallon Container
750301414043M™ Process Color 888N Green, Gallon ContainerGreen
750301108543M™ Process Color Toner 880I Clear, Gallon Container
750301108623M™ Process Color 882I Red, gallon container
750301440023M™ Process Color 883I Dark Blue, Gallon ContainerDark Blue
750301109463M™ Process Color 893I Blue-Violet, Gallon ContainerBlue-Violet
750301108963M™ Process Color 885I Black, gallon container
750301109043M™ Process Color 886I Orange, Gallon ContainerOrange
750301109203M™ Process Color 888I Green, Gallon Container
750301108883M™ Process Color 884I Yellow, Gallon Container
14 Results (Displaying results 1-14)



 Application Instructions‎‎ See Product Bulletin
 Color‎‎ Lemon Yellow,‎ Green,‎ Magenta,‎ Dark Blue,‎ Blue-Violet,‎ Orange
 Imaging Method‎‎ Screen Print
 Liner‎‎ No
 Saleable Unit‎‎ Gallon