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3M™ Diamond Grade™ Ventilation Signs, 400 - 499 Series

3M(TM) Diamond Grade(TM) Ventilation Sign CPS INJURY
3M(TM) Diamond Grade(TM) Ventilation Sign CPS INJURY
3M helps improve shipboard safety with the U.S. Navy shipboard marking program. As the approved supplier for the U.S. Navy, 3M's Diamond Grade™ and Photoluminescent markings light the way for emergency and evacuation signage.
  • Approved supplier to the U.S. Navy
  • Highly visible under ambient light and in dark conditions with retroreflected light
  • Aggressive, pressure-sensitive adhesive
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3M IDMarketplace Formal Name
750300236773M™ Diamond Grade™ Ventilation Sign 3MN408DG "THIS…OFFICER", 7 in x 3 in, 10/pkg
750300236933M™ Diamond Grade™ Ventilation Sign 3MN410DG "DO…ENVIRON", 7 in x 3 in, 10/pkg
750300236513M™ Diamond Grade™ Ventilation Sign 3MN406DG "CPS…INJURY", 10 in x 3 in, 10/pkg
750300236363M™ Diamond Grade™ Ventilation Sign 3MN404DG "CPS BOUNDARY", 7 in x 1 in, 10/pkg
750300237013M™ Diamond Grade™ Ventilation Sign 3MN411DG "DO NOT USE", 7 in x 3 in, 10/pkg
750300236853M™ Diamond Grade™ Ventilation Sign 3MN409DG "THIS…ENVIRON", 7 in x 3 in, 10/pkg
750300236023M™ Diamond Grade™ Ventilation Sign 3MN401DG "AIR…HATCH CLOS", 7 in x 3 in, 10/pkg
750300236103M™ Diamond Grade™ Ventilation Sign 3MN402DG "AIR…SCUT CLOS", 10 in x 3 in, 10/pkg
750300236283M™ Diamond Grade™ Ventilation Sign 3MN403DG "AIR…DOOR CLOS", 10 in x 3 in, 10/pkg
750300236443M™ Diamond Grade™ Ventilation Sign 3MN405DG "THIS…OPEN", 10 in x 3 in, 10/pkg
750300236693M™ Diamond Grade™ Ventilation Sign 3MN407DG "CPS…THROUGH", 10 in x 5 in, 10/pkg
11 Results (Displaying results 1-11)



 Applications‎‎ Navy ships
 Certifications and Specifications‎‎ NAVSEA
 Length‎‎ 5 Inch,‎ 3 Inch,‎ 1 Inch
 National Stock Number‎‎ 7690-01­462-6150,‎ 7690-01­462-6147,‎ 7690-01­462-6178,‎ 7690-01­462-6137,‎ 7690-01­462-6154,‎ 7690-01­462-6168,‎ 7690-01­462-6174,‎ 7690-01­462-6159,‎ 7690-01-462-6185,‎ 7690-01­462-6180,‎ 7690-01­462-6141
 Performance Features‎‎ Retroreflective
 Performance Level‎‎ Diamond Grade
 Saleable Unit‎‎ Package
 Width‎‎ 10 Inch,‎ 7 Inch