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On the Horizon

On the Horizon

A Glimpse of the Future

Welcome to the world of possibility. A world in which imagination and expertise merge with wonder and light to shape the future. In this world, we don't take no for an answer. And if we hear "it can't be done," we find a way to break the rules and do it.

This is the world of 3M Optical Systems. And we don't just see the wonder of light – we harness its power in ways that can potentially change the future.

Imagine the Possibility

For us, wonder never ceases and possibility truly is endless. Our technologies and innovations turn ideas into reality every day, and open the door to new possibilities that we are just starting to explore.

Someday soon you'll be able to… flexible displays you can roll up and carry from room to room, house to office or virtually anywhere, with ease. your monitor with a simple USB cable.

...find laptops with 2-sided screens, each side of which can show different images.

...see your tablet or mobile device outside because its light shines 300x brighter than was ever possible before.

...use LCDs as artwork that you can hang on your wall and change as often as you desire.

...power your TV using an inductive power mat or Ethernet cable.

...turn a set of lights on or off to create light-based privacy on your screen.

...pick up your ultra-thin, super light-weight TV with 2 fingers and hang it on a hook.

We're Bringing the Future to Now

We're headed toward the future at the speed of light. But we've also found ways to bring the future to now, to enhance the performance of some of your favorite products. When you purchase products with 3M technology inside, you can be confident that you'll experience the brightest picture clarity and best possible performance available in LCD display technology today.

Experience the difference