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3M™ Light Management montage graphic

3M™ Light Management

3M offers its optical technology and knowledge to the lighting industry. Efficiency, simplicity and differentiation result. The lighting world is changing, and it’s time for a new view. 3M has been in the light management business for decades, making consumer electronics light, brighter and more energy efficient. Leverage this knowledge to your advantage.


Watch and learn how 3M™ Enhanced Specular Reflector mirror film technology works.

3M™ Light Tube

3M™ Light Tube photo

The new 3M™ Light Tube is designed to provide bright, uniform, highly efficient illumination. The model light design’s efficiency and scalability make it suitable for illuminating a variety of spaces.

White Paper

3M is among the world’s leading authorities in managing light. The company’s multilayer, nonmetallic mirror films, light-directing micro-optic films and reflective polarizers made the first LCD TVs, laptop computers, and smart phones a practical reality. 3M has adapted these technologies for use in LED lighting.

3M demonstrates a model light design that addresses technical barriers, such as thermal management and light transport, and improves key aspects of color uniformity. 3M’s model light design demonstrates how to separate the light from the heat, enabling higher system efficiencies. The design employs 3M’s light management materials, which efficiently guide, mix, and shape light to deliver the required output while minimizing optical losses.

Read our white paper on the 3M™ Light Tube.

3M™ Light Tube Brochure

3M is among the world’s leading authorities in managing light. Multilayer, nonmetallic mirror films; light-directing optical films; and reflective polarizers all make LCD TVs, laptop computers and mobile phones a practical reality.

Click here to view the brochure on the 3M™ Light Tube.

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