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Technology: The Possibility of Light

3M is leading the way in display technology. We're doing things with light that no one else can do – things that were once considered impossible. Our technologies tap into the possibility of light and color to bring you brighter, lighter, more efficient and colorful displays on the devices you use every day. And we're just getting started.

Technology: The Possibility of Light

Display Films: Light and Color from Within

Our stunning display films advance the performance of electronic displays by making them brighter, more colorful, thinner and lighter weight. Our films can even reduce the power needed to achieve maximum brightness on a display.

On the Horizon: A Glimpse at the Future

At 3M Optical Systems, our never-ending curiosity, our willingness to explore possibility, and our unrivaled determination keep us in a state of constant innovation. We have ideas about what's next. And we're not afraid share them!

Light Management Industry: A Smarter Way to Light

3M offers its extensive optical technology and knowledge to the lighting industry! Bringing together efficiency, simplicity and differentiation to solve industry challenges in striking new ways.

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