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3M RFID Readers & Tags

3M RFID Readers for road segment monitoring.

Supporting unique design innovations and advancements in RFID technology, 3M provides high performance Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) readers that eliminate traditional cost barriers. 3M RFID readers are designed specifically for road segment monitoring across single or multiple lanes and under all weather and traffic conditions.

3M RFID Reader benefits include:

  • Open Standard, Interoperable Technology
  • Remote Protocol Management, Ability to read top six US protocols
  • Fast installation
  • Fault tolerance – high level of redundancy
  • Low Relative Cost
  • System scalability
  • Modular structure
  • System resource availability
  • Open system architecture

3M also offers high performance vehicle-mount transponders designed to be used in conjunction with 3M reader systems for Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) applications. From barrier-based to open highway application, 3M's line of transponders is designed to provide the highest level of accuracy and reliability available.

3M's RFID Readers have been certified for use in multiple countries. Examples of 3M certifications include: FCC, ETSI, OmniAir Interoperability, UL and others.

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3M RFID Access Control System Products

Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) Readers & Tags

3M™ Toll RFID Reader 5200 High-Performance AVI Reader
3M™ Toll RFID Reader 5100 High-Performance AVI Reader
3M™ Non-Transferable Windshield RFID Tag with Security
3M™ Non-Transfer Toll RFID Tag with High Security
3M™ Transfer Toll RFID Tag High Security
3M™ Transfer Toll RFID Tag with Security
3M™ Credit Card Tag with Security
3M™ Light Emitting Toll Tag

Fixed RFID Readers

3M™ Toll RFID Reader 4100 UHF Reader

Mobile RFID Readers

3M™ Mobile Handheld Toll RFID Reader 5156
3M™ Hand Held UHF System 3280

Featured Product

High Performance AVI

3M™ Toll RFID Reader 5100
With its high-speed performance and extended read range, the 3M 5100 was designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, temperatures, humidity and vibration, while providing optimal performance and is ideally suited for global transportation applications.

Featured Product

High Performance AVI

3M™ Toll RFID Reader 6204
Eliminates traditional cost barriers to address large-scale opportunities in tolling, particularly Open Road Tolling, High Occupancy Tolling and HOV to HOT conversions. Boasts high-speed performance and extended read range, presenting an ideal solution for all tolling applications.


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