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3M Automatic Vehicle Classification (AVC) Software

3M Automatic Vehicle Classification (AVC) Software

3M's vehicle identification system is a versatile and cutting-edge software solution. Cost effective with low maintenance requirements, it is an Intelligent Transport Solution (ITS) produced in a variety of manifestations applicable to all areas of the traffic industry from simple vehicle counting to demanding classification and triggering in open road toll deployments

3M vehicle identification system technology can count and classify vehicles in all weather conditions and handles congestion with the same precision as free-flow traffic, with the ability to identify straddling or tailgating vehicles.

See 3M Toll Solutions for more information about our 360-degree solutions that can be configured to meet unique application needs.

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3M™ Automatic Vehicle Identification System (formerly IDRIS)

Principal Applications

1) Tolling
  • Counts and classifies to accuracies required by toll agencies
  • Optional trigger for video enforcement
  • Optional AVI tag correlation for express lanes
  • Suitable for all lane types including multi-lane open road tolling (ORT)
  • Works in pre and post class position; relative to payment point
  • Available as a boxed or embedded product (software runs on client lane controller)
2) Shadow Tolling –Design, Build, Finance, & Operate (DBFO)
  • Accurate vehicle length measurement
  • Meets UK, DoT, DBFO 1999 specification
  • Applicable where there is no culture of conventional tolling.
3) Intelligent Vehicle Detection
  • Based on inductive loop profile
  • Used for bus priority, with no “in vehicle” technology required
  • Highly accurate multi-lane tag correlation: spatially aware with ability to continuously track the location of every vehicle as it passes through a detection site.
4) Data Collection / Census Gathering
  • Classifies according to profile, number and make up of axels
  • Uses loops only
  • Works in all traffic and weather conditions
  • US FHWA 15 classes are standard
  • On screen per vehicle records (pvr), reduced format pvr for video verification
5) Incident Detection
  • Detects single stopped vehicle in low traffic volumes
  • Provides highly accurate vehicle detection system
  • Uses rapid analysis of inductive vehicle profile from loops

Features & Benefits: Improving Safety

The 3M™ Automatic Vehicle Identification technology incorporates an Incident Detection system which tracks vehicles on a multi-lane road and alerts traffic managers in the event of a stopped vehicle or incident. This is done entirely with loops below the road surface, eliminating the need for additional, external equipment.

Traffic Information message processing provides real-time highway conditions such as average speed and vehicle count. This information can be used to warn of congestion and provide expedient decision making such as opening a shoulder or alternative lanes.

The system also:

  • Provides opportunities for long-term traffic management including reconstruction of the highway conditions prior to an accident. Monitoring traffic volumes and speeds to any level of detail to aid future highway projects or expansions.
  • Monitors traffic patterns for day-to-day management and scheduling of highway repairs.
  • Analyzes motorists’ behaviors in congestion, free flow, and many other scenarios.


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