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3M Mobile ALPR Camera Systems

3M Mobile ALPR Camera systems are ideal for law enforcement

3M Mobile ALPR Camera systems provide high resolution coverage of a full lane of traffic with up to two concurrent vehicles in the field of view. Compact, rugged cameras are designed specifically for the on-street environment and have been IP67 certified. The sleek designs mount nicely below the lightbar for limited visual interference.

Mobile systems allow agencies to patrol high crime areas while providing large volumes of local vehicle data. When combined with 3M Back Office System Software, ALPR can also be used for data mining efforts related to crime scene investigation, criminal travel patterns and hotspots and numerous other intelligence purposes.

3M also offers Fixed ALPR Cameras and software solutions.

Please contact us to purchase or learn more about 3M Automatic License Plate Recognition.

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3M Mobile ALPR Camera Products

3M™ Mobile ALPR Camera

3M™ Mobile ALPR Camera

The 3M Mobile ALPR camera delivers high performance in a compact, low profile design. Without hindering the visibility of the vehicle's lightbar, this dual-channel (color and infrared) camera delivers superior plate capture performance.

Using a proprietary technique, known internally as “Triple-flash” technology, this covert camera can effectively suppress ambient light such as headlights and bright sunlight. This helps to reduce the image quality differences caused by plate-to-plate quality variations.

In conjunction with the 3M ALPR Mobile Processor and 3M™ License Plate Capture Software, 3M is able to provide a turnkey, high-performance, feature-rich mobile ALPR system unlike any other.

3M™ Compact ALPR Camera

The 3M Compact ALPR Camera can be used in both fixed and mobile installations. Using a technique, known internally as “Triple-flash” technology, this camera with built in illuminator can effectively suppress ambient light such as headlights and bright sunlight.

The rugged metal housing is fully waterproof and the unit has no moving parts providing high reliability to end-users. Providing image capture and scene illumination in one compact package, this ALPR camera was originally designed for mobile or portable applications, however its small size and high performance makes it desirable for many covert fixed applications as well.

3M Computers and Mobile Data Terminals

3M offers a variety of computers and mobile data terminals (MDT’s), and peripherals, to support the complete ALPR solution. Please contact us for additional information regarding your specific need. In certain applications, an MDT may be suitable for ALPR processing.

3M ALPR Processors & Accessories

3M ALPR Processors & Accessories

3M has a complete offering of components that have been specifically engineered and tested for use in 3M Mobile ALPR Systems, including:

3M™ Mobile ALPR Processor
The powerful 3M Mobile ALPR Processor is capable of interfacing with up to four 3M Mobile ALPR cameras. It was engineered specifically for the on-street environments and features a solid state drive and an automated shut-down feature with surge protection.


Behind the advanced technology, constant innovation, and high quality products of 3M, are a team of dedicated and experienced ALPR professionals. This same team is available for site survey, needs analysis, system consultation, installation and more. Contact us to put our expertise to work for you.


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