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3M Fixed ALPR Camera Systems

3M Fixed ALPR Camera systems are ideal for law enforcement

3M Fixed ALPR Camera Systems provide an array of cameras designed to fit the needs of many applications. Each are highly configurable and provide coverage of a full lane of traffic with up to two concurrent vehicles in the field of view.

Fixed systems allow for continuous monitoring of high traffic areas along with the ability to alert agencies when captured plates match those found on hotlists of interest. This allows for rapid, efficient, and appropriate deployment of resources. 3M's fully integrated license plate recognition cameras are rugged and compact, incorporating the fixed ALPR camera, illuminator and processor within a single sealed enclosure.

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3M Fixed ALPR Product for Tolling and Law Enforcement

3M™ High Resolution ALPR Camera

3M™ High Resolution ALPR Camera

The High Resolution ALPR Camera was designed to cover 2 adjacent lanes of traffic for reading multiple plates in the same field of view while still producing high resolution images of each license plates. It is fully web-enabled and IP- addressable while still maintaining a water-tight housing perfect for use in a wide array of operating environments

3M Fixed ALPR Products for Law Enforcement

3M™ Compact ALPR Camera

The 3M Compact ALPR Camera can be used in both fixed and mobile installations. Using a technique, known internally as “Triple-flash” technology, this camera with built in illuminator can effectively suppress ambient light such as headlights and bright sunlight.

The rugged metal housing is fully waterproof and the unit has no moving parts providing high reliability to end-users. Providing image capture and scene illumination in one compact package, this ALPR camera was originally designed for mobile or portable applications, however its small size and high performance makes it desirable for many covert fixed applications as well.

3M™ Fixed ALPR Camera

The integrated 3M Fixed ALPR Camera provides single traffic lane coverage, and can be integrated into a wide range of systems to meet the needs of our customers. It's light weight of approximately 4.18 lbs (with hood and memory bracket) and low power consumption of 15 watts, lends itself to easy installation and low maintenance costs.

Other features include:

  • Optional internal modem allows wireless IP connectivity over GPRS, EDGE or 3G
  • Real-time video triggering upon plate presence for excellent plate detection

3M™ Fixed Wide Lane ALPR Camera

The integrated 3M Fixed Wide Lane ALPR Camera provides coverage for up to two adjacent traffic lanes. Offering higher resolution infrared and color overview imaging as compared to the 3m Fixed ALPR Camera, this camera still maintains high memory storage and fast processing speeds. It is also fully web-enabled and can be configured and monitored from a standard web-browser.

3M™ Average Speed Camera System

The 3M Average Speed Camera System is a cost-effective distance-over-time speed enforcement system, consisting of a single integral ALPR unit. This easy to install unit uses the distances between camera sites and the enforcement speed linked to those sites to detect speed violations.

The enforcement speed may be independently set as site-A to site-B and site-B to site-A, with each link having a separate enforcement speed if required. Violations are detected between any camera on one site and any camera on another site.

Lightweight, lower powered self contained unit with available wireless communications.

World-Class Service

Behind the advanced technology, constant innovation, and high quality products of 3M, are a team of dedicated and experienced ALPR professionals. This same team is available for site survey, needs analysis, system consultation, installation and more. Contact us to put our expertise to work for you.


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