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Public Safety Solutions

Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) is widely recognized as an effective tool to combat criminal activity, enhance productivity and improve officer safety. ALPR revolutionizes law enforcement at the state, local, and federal levels, aiding in enforcement and security for the general public, airports, harbors, and other locations.
With tens of thousands of cameras deployed around the globe, and a history of patents for our technology and its applications, 3M technology is easily recognized as a leading provider of traffic-related video imaging and license plate capture technology.

3M sells directly to all segments of the public safety market, as well as through manufacturers of other public safety technology. Customers range from small local police departments and sheriffs' departments, to state highway patrols and federal law enforcement agencies. 3M will discuss current and past public safety projects with qualified law enforcement professionals once we have received permission from that agency to do so. We do not, however, post this information publicly in order to provide these agencies with the best uncompromised use of the technology.

3M also offers License Plate Readability Testing services, an effective, custom solution to help ensure accuracy and high read rates of captured license plates images.

To purchase or learn more about 3M Public Safety Solutions, please contact us or submit an RFP.

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Stolen Vehicle Identification

Using stolen vehicle data from the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), or from local reports, 3M fixed and mobile ALPR systems can greatly improve an agency’s stolen vehicle identification and recovery results. Additionally, ALPR improves resource efficiency and utilization, provides an added level of officer safety, and eliminates claims of profiling. The identification of stolen vehicles often results in other enforcement opportunities such as drug trafficking, identity theft, and robbery.

Wanted Felons, BOLOs and Amber Alerts

Mobile deployments of 3M License Plate Capture Software and fixed and mobile ALPR systems can be used in the identification of wanted felons, automation of BOLOs and increased surveillance of AMBER alerts. Seconds after an AMBER alert or a BOLO is announced, deployed 3M ALPR systems can be alerted, greatly increasing the chances of a successfully finding the suspect.

Sexual Predators and DUI Surveillance

Patrolling the perimeters of schools and playgrounds, a vehicle equipped with a 3M Mobile ALPR System can quickly identify registered sexual predators and potentially prevent a repeat offense through officer intervention. Additionally, 3M Fixed ALPR Systems may be used to calculate travel time and identify those speeding in the school zone. 3M ALPR systems may also be set up for temporary deployment at DUI checkpoints to identify those drivers with prior DUI offenses.

Surveillance and Investigation

Data collected from deployed 3M ALPR cameras may be used for investigative purposes using the 3M Back Office System Software. This software arranges data so that Law Enforcement can use it for investigative purposes. Data may be queried and mined to identify potential suspects in crimes, and may even help provide officers with important data leading up to – and immediately following – an event. It may also be used to examine the prior whereabouts of known suspects.

Drug Enforcement

Deploying 3M ALPR in High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTAs) can help identify known drug traffickers for surveillance and enforcement. Additionally, by monitoring vehicle activity at known deal and drop sites, potential drug trafficking suspects may also be identified. 3M ALPR Mobile Systems may be used to patrol areas of known activity, while 3M Fixed ALPR Systems may be used to monitor higher volume traffic areas.

Homeland Security and Interoperability

From the identification of potential terrorists, to surveillance of critical infrastructure locations, 3M Public Safety Solutions are able to aid in the protection of our country. Our products may also aid in interoperability and sharing of data across agencies regardless of geography. Mobile and fixed systems feeding data into the 3M Back Office System Software may then be shared with other agencies across the country.

Campus Security Solutions

Whether your campus is large or small, in a rural or urban environment, 3M is dedicated to giving you the latest in Automatic License Plate Technology (ALPR) for the safety of both your campus as well as the officers that protect the community. Designed and manufactured in the US, 3M's innovative ALPR solutions are deployed all over the country, helping to deter crime and enable faster response to campus incidents. From install to on-going maintenance and support, 3M is saving you time, money, and stress. Find out how we can help you with your campus security needs.