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Congestion Fee Charging

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Government budgets are tight. Road capacity is maxed out. Motorists complain of congestion. As these macro trends accelerate, forward-thinking cities are beginning to embrace congestion charging schemes to increase revenue, improve system-wide traffic flow, reduce congestion and minimize pollution while optimizing usage of limited road infrastructure in urban areas. By strategically developing a "cordon" of ALPR cameras around high demand urban centers and charging for crossing the cordon, transportation visionaries are preparing their cities for the increased demands of the future.

A congestion fee program involves charging a rate that varies based on the roadway used and the time of day. 3M ALPR technology, when used in a congestion fee charging application, effectively provides accurate and timely information to identify and charge vehicles. 3M ALPR systems may also complement or validate RFID technology, which is frequently used in congestion fee applications.

Congestion fee charging solutions include:

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